Friday, May 04, 2018


So I am journaling. Well, my wife finally left me. You'd think I would of wrote about it or something. Maybe I did. I did write something a while ago and I amnot even sure where I put it. maybe it was in blogger or maybe it is in a word doc or some shit like that. So yup, I have kids, they probably will say bad words. My now offical X wife was super anal about bad words. She told me she wanted to fuck other dudes too. But whatever, she says now she never said it. but I do have to take my part in the toxitity of the relationship. I might be a narcasist but mybe she was too. Idk. But I love the kids a lot. I really gre with them. I am for sure me, and is that bad? So I have to live at my mom's. Well I guess I do not have to, but I felt like I had to. Now I kinda want to. I see value in it and I am excepting it. I know I have to take responsibility and except the hardest part of eventually having to see her with a new lover. Though is that the hardest part? I was already heart broken when she told me she wanted to have sex with other guys. We were on drugs so maybe it was skewed, but it truly hurt. I always thought about it. I tried to get counceling, I tried to talk to her. It was ruff. So as long as I know where I am at and be ok with it and love myself then I get to grow in a new alligning way. I do feel a little bit like WHY ME, or I GOT SKREWED. but so what? All I have to do is not worry or live in dought or self pitty. I know i amstrong in my own weird awesome and normal ways. I have value, I know she has value too. That kinda hurts to know she has value which makes me think again maybe she was right and I am scum. But that is not so in many ways. I remember being so upset and feeling neglected by not getting love and affection from her. I felt a lot of the time that it was not ok to be me.... It was like, dude you got kid, you cant be that person. I'm not gonna look at my love for music and being wild with my kids as a bad thing. It's a great thign. I deserve in my opinion what I want. I want my kids, I want my life the way I want it, so I will not worry and just get it. What to worry about. I am not gonna be like oh poor me ... or be scared. Im just gonna go get my kids and not let myself have fear of the future. She has them now, i always had a plan, and the plan is actually going good. I wished a lot. How she is I guess she couldn't handle my ways, and so many things I did not like about her, but I learned to love those things. Maybe now I can learn to move on from those things. I just am not gonna move on from my kids another year like this.

Monday, February 12, 2018

In and Out Burger Does Not Pay Managers 160K a year

Dude, I just read on the internet that In and Out Burger pays it's managers an average of 160,000 thousand dollars a year. I call bullshit. There is no way that could be true, and if it is I would like to see some evidence. You gotta be kidding me. There is no way. I could see 50k or may 70K, but 160,000K???? there is no way! I'll admit, I could be wrong. But in this case I would truly have to see it to believe it. And it claims that's the average and sometimes it's a little more. I think this has got to be bullshit, and if I'm wrong I am hella jealous.

and let me add.......

Am I the only one dude that doesn't think their food is any good??? I think it's a rip off of what McDonald's use to be. The menu is a knock off of the original McDonald's menu, and the damn place looks like an old school McDonald's with a crooked arch. I mean seriously, fuck In and Out. Their secret menu is bullshit too; I couldn't even tell they did anything different when they put mustard cooked into the meat. I was disappointed after all the hype I heard about how good it was. Carl's Jr.'s milkshakes are 100% times better than In and Out's. Thier burgers taste like a shittier version of the Del Taco Burger. I'm not impressed at all. I think In and Out's food taste low quality. Which could be why they can pay their managers  so well because they spend so little buying the cheapest meat, produce, bread, ice cream they can find.
Prove me wrong.

Thanks for reading,
Pizza Tizzle

Monday, October 02, 2017

Lines in the Sky - A Chemspiracy Trail -


Have you noticed the more we look down at our smart-phones the less we look up at the sky? Do you know which way the moon rotates on its axis? Do you even care? Does anyone care? Do you know why high-flying aircrafts leave streaks through the sky? Of course you do. It's because of condensation right? That would make sense if the lines in the sky disappeared instead of lingering around like a homeless drug addict in front of a Mcdonalds in any downtown area across America. And if jets do leave lines in the sky due to condensation, why are they up in the sky flying around and who is paying for it? Are our tax dollars being spent behind our backs in ways we are not allowed to check and balance? 

Let me take you back to 1968. Why were so many people around the world rising up against war? Was it because for the first time in history families could see on their television Vietnamese people being murdered? Did college kids bleeding from the head for protesting become the new kind of hero of war?
It's not like this all stopped, it just stopped being televised. Rules have now been put into place to unexpose war and confuse what we protest for. You can't show carnage of war no TV anymore. Can't call civilian casualties civilian casualties but instead collateral damage. 

I digress and shall get back on track of the topic that is burning in my soul. Chemtrails, lines in the skies, cloud seeding, geo-engineering etc.

Lines in the sky do not just happen here and there, they happen here and there and everywhere all day every day for the last 10 years at least bro. As a demonized evil white male I would suggest you watch this brilliant scientist older woman explain which I shall not. 

Would this lady lie? I say probably not. 

As I Uber and lyft drive in Northern California I have been noticing the lines in skies and noses in the smartphones more and more. I was driving a man named Matt Boylan to sue Google's YouTube in small claims court over and Eric Dubay stealing video content and he explained to me what he believed to be FAKE CLOUDS. And WOW, I think he is on point. 
Though I am not sure where this Canadian came from and how he ended up in the story of my life, I do suggest you watch this very under-watched video.

Clouds are supposed to look beautiful and bubbly. I remember when clouds always looked like Super Mario brothers clouds and when you starred at them long enough you would see clowns, dinosaurs, and almost anything. Nowadays clouds usually resemble cobwebs and pollution. You too can become an expert on identifying fake clouds. And usually, when you spot them, you will see the jets spraying in and out of them. If you do not at first, just keep watching and you will eventually see the hi-flying planes or jets start spraying. Maybe you will look up and see that the skies are clear. Then you will see a jet spray a line across the sky. Like a line of cocaine on a coffee table. But unlike a line of cocaine, these lines do not go away. It's like the coffee table gets bumped instead of the line being bumped. And once you see that first line in the sky you will notice about an hour later the cobweb skies are back. You will notice that these new clouds have repetitive patterns. Real clouds do not have any trace of line patterns. If a cloud has any sign of a pattern or line then it is fake. 

So why are these clouds being made? And who is paying for it?

I've heard these clouds are made to dumb us down. But I think we have plenty of other ways to do that. Like sports, video games, Netflix, CNN, processed food, etc. I think it has something to do with what Al Gore talked about in his movie An Inconvenient Truth. Regardless if the movie was truthful or not, it definitely was enough to put fear in everyone and in large agencies like The U.N.
And maybe you heard of mirrors of space to stop global warming? Well, hate to break it ya, but that is just not realistic at all. 

We are far from ever going to the moon again and many people believe we never went to the moon.
Watch A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon

And if we never went to the moon, then we do not actually have The Blue Marble picture because that was taken on the way to the moon. If you are not familiar with The Ble Marble picture then let me help trigger our mind to the picture that you have seen more than any other picture ever. 

And if you think NASA is a legitimate source of truth then you gotta check this out. 

NASA actually released this as REAL. Anyone can see that this is fake and really sad.

All I ask of you is to look up instead of down. Maybe it will take a new generation to think smartphones are for old people and that the sky above us is super fascinating.

But will it be too late? What will these LINES IN THE SKY lead to? It seems that they are a fairly new phenomenon and only time can tell if they will leave a negative or positive impact on life as we know it. Maybe if they were not being made then Al Gore would have been right and the earth would be around 6 hundred degrees today. Or maybe Al Gore was wrong and these Lines in the Sky were never needed and thus we just shot our human existence in the foot or a major artery. Who knows, maybe it is a way to dumb us down or better yet, I am just a fool and these are just innocent jets flying around all day for various scientific reasons and they leave contrails and I am just an asshole. But if this is so, who is paying for it, and can we have some checks and balance and disclosure on these flying streak makers in the sky? Otherwise, I consider them Unidentified Flying Objects until further notice. 

Please Look Up!

Spread the word!

You have the right to know the truth!

Thank You For Reading!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Aimlessly by STS9 meets NASA STS-9 music video mashup by PHRIENDZ#

If your into jamband music and want something weird and old and new >>Well then this might be for you. We took a classic STS9 song and some classic STS-9 NASA launch and landing footage and put them together in a music mashup video. Mad props goes to Sound Tribe Sector 9 for writing this epic song and to every member of STS-9 that had the balls to go that high into space. The bands called Phriendz and we are based out of Sonoma/ Sactown area.

check out my band's website for show dates and other stuff. Keep it real and if you care to donate to Phriendz we love bitcoins. Here is our bitcoin wallet 1LR8yMhzp6ZBEkspWKBM4gzz4zsdhrPQDb 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

R.U. Sirius is BACK with Phriendz

Now ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? You made another remix with R.U. Sirius? Yeah bro, Phriendz did. AND IT'S in my opinion way better than the last remix in it's own way. If you are not familiar with R.U. Sirius then do so now.
I do not own this picture, so please don't sue me. Here is a link to the blog that I got this picture. It's cool and you will have fun there. 
He is on wiki so he could be in the Illuminati and pulling the strings of the Government and is into Ed and I being double NEO in the current Matrix. but that is highly unlikely.... or is it?
Here is his wiki 

The latest collaboration with R.U. Sirius is being documented at this location by RU Sirius himself.
RU Sirius will be adding more and more songs to this website as we get them done. RU's next idea is too good that I put it in Top Secret status. but if you are reading this and you do go to the bandcamp page provided above^^^^ please download and donate. Even if it's 1 dollar or 5 billion. Support the arts that are not trying to exploit you.
Here is a link to it on sound cloud and here you can watch it on youtube.

This song is in need of some ears. Even if you can not hear, turn it up loud and try to feel the vibrations. Phriendz's youtube channel is kinda running slow at this moment. But that makes sence because we have not been playing shows the last two months since our last tour. And we have been in the studio working at producing our first album and not promotion. The album will be done in June and available for purchase in late July.  So the only thing keeping our youtube afloat with new material for the time being is all thanks to RU Sirius. But for how awesome he is and the songs are, it is obvious we need help getting it to other people's ear drums. Be a sport and help us get this song out on the internet like a wild fire. If a girl farts into a camera on youtube and she can get 10,000,000 plays, then I think we honestly deserve 5 billion, but we will be happy with 10,000. Listen to it, put it in your playlist, add it to your favorites, email it to a friend, text message it to a family member, or post it on instagram or facebook. I know you all sent at least one cock shot or pointless (I'm at Taco Bell) selfie this month, or maybe today? Be a Warrior for the Underground arts. Take a moment for us. You got this far right? So just do it real quick... hurry...

OK now that you are back. We have some exciting stuff coming up. We have a show with the band Z-Strain.

If you're in the California area, like the middle of cali, come see my band Phriendz with Z-Strain and many other bands. May 7th and its a campout. Search Backyard Bonanza 2 click here to find it on facebook

Also, I am running for president.

Here is my campaign video.

As you might not know, Pizza T is my moniker and is still my moniker in Phriendz, but as the true story goes, the AI members of the band wanted me to use a new stage name for Phriendz. Click here to subscribe to my Daddy Phr!day blog that is a blog that keeps you updated with the members of Phriendz and our personal life.

I am using this blog as an illuminati take down experiment into the future. The algorithm of the motherboard of Al gore's internet system can not keep track of my randomness. They think they got it in lock down for Hillary and the Corporations, but they just got introduced to NEO... or did they?
Have a great day if you believe days actual exist.


Tuesday, March 01, 2016

RU Sirius teams up with Phriendz to remix a 1982 treasure of a track!

So it's been a long time since I dissed on Slim Moon and hurt the feelings of Kurt Cobain's x girlfriends. I was just young and dumb and sometimes numb, and a lot of time on lsd. It's time it's time it's TIME my friends. I usually only blog when shit hits the fan and my life be sucking hellza bad. But today is not that day. Today I blog in the opposite matter. I said sorry to the ones I hurt many times many years ago and now I am a full new person regenerated with new cells. So five years ago I was like HOLY SHIT I can't believe I am 32 and I am moving to Illinois away from my comfort home turf. But regardless of all the fear of moving I had to move to be by my family. Not just by my family but one with my family. Nothing in my life would ever feel right if I proceeded without them. So I moved to a little town called Belvidere Illinois and became a wedding DJ and substitute teacher. I still kept the music alive by bringing my laptop to the schools to work on my art while on my breaks when subbing. I started bringing my guitar to school to play for the kids. This is when I found my voice. This is also where I found my technique to control an audience. Also, I found tons of resources to make big pieces of art while at the schools on my break times. Us subs know break times as planning periods. Moving to Illinois seemed scary and possibly a way to loose myself and all my art and hardwork in creating an audience. But what happened was the opposite. I became a better guitarist, a better drawer, a better web designer, a better father, a better youtuber, a better video editor and a better person. I also got to be back in school and studying with the youth of American nearly 5 days a week. It was like payback for all the times I didn't pay attention or cheated on a tst. Now I had to know because I was the person teaching it to the youth of America. WHAT I DISCOVERED WHILE SUBBING AND LEARNING WILL DISTURB THE SHIT OUT OF MOST PEOPLE. But I am the secret, YOU ARE THE SECRET. ENERGY IS REAL. I digress. I will talk more about the things I learned as a teacher in later days. BUT FOR NOW! LISTEN UP! Phriendz was asked by RU SIRIUS to work on a remix.... here is some info song title - President Mussolini Makes The Planes Run On Time Originally recorded by Party Dogs/R.U. Sirius, Rochester New York 1982 Remix by Phriendz 2016 Original lyrics by Ken Goffman aka R.U. Sirius Music by Matt Sabo/Party Dogs So I ended up in California and started a band with Ghetto Lot Kids artist Ed. We even started the bands Phriendz together. It's been so cool. We have played some awesome shows and festivals and got asked to do this remix and we haven't been a band longer than 6 months I believe. We have been in the designing stage for over a year. But now it is getting real. Enjoy this link And check out phriendz to at I promise to write a long rant in the near future. But I will rant just a bit longer. So many people cross our paths. One that crossed my path was Benny P. He does a tape label out of pdx and is super cool. He comes to most my Portland shows. I bring him up because he was in Eddie Shredder and is important to me like Jesus is important to a Bible Thumper. But we grow old, we find our paths and we cross and weave like a blanket made for xmas day. Love ya all 4eva!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

- Up in the Air - Official Music Video by Pizza T and Danny Kelly "Z-Kamp"

I worked super hard on this video. It is a dream come true to have Danny Kelly, Micheal T Mercker, Jay Blakesburg and so many others came together to make this music video happen. I truly believe this is the best music of 2014. This video defines what Z-Kamp has become. My life has been in many spirals as you might find if you read this blog, but lately my life is all rainbows and kisses. I am so happy and have so much energy and health to spread through out whatever this thing is. Maybe it's the universe or maybe it's all some sort of dream within a dream of thoughts collect through infinity.

Rachel Corrie died over ten years ago and I told the Rachel Corrie Foundation in Olympia during the Occupy Olympia period in 2011 that I would DO SOMETHING. And this is one of the things I did. Stand up! Use art to speak! Speak loud and help spread the words and wisdom and knowledge of TRUTH!

Love ya

Keep Try Try Trying

Pizza T