Monday, April 12, 2004

I'm back on top of the world. I had an epiphany. My ding dong got bigger too. Bad idea, word up. It's time for everyone to chill and call their family and talk to them about the war in Iraq. It's time we choose sides. Armagedon is near. For all of you that love me and all of you that hate me, I will miss you all when I die. But I will be dead so it will be scientificly and logiclly that I will not be able to miss because I am dead, so soorry, but I probably most likely won't miss you, especially the rude girl from Sleater Kinney.Genius did pee on her car when i commanded it . Ian wrote that last sentence. Ben said he likes Crazy Chris 2 more than crazy Chris 1. It's not like I beat off when people get excited about my blog, but it does make me feel like Pjil LEsh and Jerrruy Garcia and also Sleater from Sleater and Kinney. Built to spill is pretty good, but then i heard phish and was like, fuck it. i like marijuana. my blog is #1. russel is the coolest hippy in town. this blog is sacrificing me a nug. i hate weed. i like george w. bush. SIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! john kerry and friends is probably the best band ever and should get signed to k records.
I'm back,

Monday, April 05, 2004

It's bullshit that I took soooo long to type in my blog, I'm not switching over blog servers until I get a digital camera, looks like this will be my blog for a while. SO Audrey from the Go Club is a fucking punk. Hunx tried to get me on the guest list but she player hated like usual. Fuck Marisa, she is such a ham. But anyways, guess who's at my house? Gravy Train!!!! and thats no Bull Shit, Hunx said he'll perform on my shit. Whaty a fellow. PEep dis shit, I swear everyone needs tro chill out. I gotta got to bed. Go to and come back to my blog and I'l fill you in asap on some serious good Gossip, and I ain't talkin about the shitty indie rock band either. Red HEads are #1, right Slim? Thats right, keep hatin on a soldier. Peep dis 187 yeah. Well Peace out, go to our next show in tacoma.
Peep Outta here!