Thursday, May 20, 2004
Uh Master Tea
I'm sorry that I'm #1 and your # last, damn the Crossing sucks ass. Al Qwada, I'll kick your ass too, Goerge W. Watch out for the next gangsta president soon. Uh Like Mater P but they call me Pizza T.
Thats My Rap
So I'm running for president. I'm starting my campaign now. I will be the best president and I will give everyone a free slurpee.
So I
m playing the battle of the bands dudes, On saturday- But my band can't make it, but o well, I have another band that will kick ass, I always run into odd gigs, I'm lovin it like Mcdonalds after a rave. I swear the worst band in town is The Crossing, they suck, I still haven't heard the Bangs, I assume they sound like Bikini kill meets the Rumors, I mean the Gossip- woops I did it again.
So i'm gonna win this battle of the bands, It's this saturday before my super local hippy show with Flowmotion. I'm gonna be rich this saturday.
I'm happy to say that I think the StoneCrop wars are over, not just thanks to time working things out, but cocaine ruining a community. I don't fuck with that shit too often, weeds way cooler, but anyways, if you notice what it does to peoples' teeth, imagin what it does to the brain. Like DAMN, and I like my dick size, it would suck to see inches vanish due to a cheep yet expensive high. But whatever, maybe I should try shooting it up my cock, it will be likethe new viagra.
OK OK OK I'm outta here. GO TO my WEB SITE AND POST A MESSAGE DAWG oyeah- I got kicked off of hotmail - IT'S ABOUT TIME. I think it was my anti bush emails, but whatever, o yeah, I also talked shit to some fools on Me amd Phill are gonna rock one day. Peace OUT G!!!!!!!!
I have a review of the last show I played, I got signed to K records, but not Oly K, the original K based in Cambodia, I also fucked a prostitute as part of the deal, OK I'm lying, but that would rule, ---
I swear that Joe from the Java Flow forgets everything, especially anything that has to do with the truth. I was going to poo poo on the bathroom floor, but after pissing on SLeater from Sleater Kinney's car I decided to wait till I get to Lane Stanleis grave, nut until then I'm gonna record what the grateful dead would of recorded if Jerrybear was still alive.
fucking BLOGGER SUCKS, but I'm sticking with it. I hope that every indie rocker in town dies of aids. I think Slim already got it. Yeah, I suck but Nelly really sucks. I can't beleive that I've become the next Jesus Christ. I am now nominated by Satan and Lucifer to take over the world. I am not down with Al Qwada, I will fuck their shit up, and I will prosicute that nigga Bush jr. I will fucking hump his daughter in my mind, but not in real life, because I worship Jesus. Syke, Jesus can fucking choke on cock. I don't give a fuck about Black people, white people, jewish niggaz, all I care about is my guitar and my homiez, which include myself, ae, Gypsy, Theresa, A-Kamp, except chris, he sucks dick, and my grandma, even tho' she stole money from me as a child. Well, someday I will die and haunt everyone hopefully, first I'm coming after you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

So, I think it's safe to come back to my blog. I had Marisa and Slim stalking me and my blog. Well so much has happened since my last blog- I PUNCHED someone, I'm guest appearing with Saints of Everyday Failure, I ate mushrooms, smoked over 3 ounces of wizard smoke, took pictures in my Gravy Train!!!! underwear, formed zzzscream Kamp with Scream Club, told the Java Flow to eat one and become an AA meeting spot again, and a bunch of other shit. But I'll type all that shit tomorrow, I'm gonna go pray to my saviour Jerry and Kurdt Cobain, CHECK BACK SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 187 on haters