Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I took a vacation from my blog. But whatever, I'm so happy with A-Kamp website's messageboard. Lots of fun stuff. I'm really smokey yo, it's a good day, I think I'm gonna walk downtown, I got no money honey, but whatever, I got a raise at the Voyeur, and I got really fucking drunk, so drunk I threw up on Ian's deck up stairs. It was kinda fun, but not really. Man, It's been so hecktic, But nit really, I've been practicing guitar a lot, I'm learning slipknot by the gratefuldead, that song is fun to play or learn or whatever. I'm know writing a book like Bill Clinton, I think we have little but a lot in commen, see I was class president in highschool, and know I'm skilled in team work due to the years of working with others in bands. So I think that I need to do what right for America, and but not least THE World, actually the galaxy, I'm gonna be the first president of the galaxy. Actually, I own the galaxy, I own everything and or but not least the concept that I an the leader of the galaxy and my goal "like BUSH" would be to liberate the galaxy and shut up the liberals. So we got a show at LAKEFAIR's beer garden July 17th 5-7pm--- It's gonna rock dawggy. Things keep changing - like Lars is now moving in with my brother, after all these years of him at Exxon is over, now it's a new chapter. We are setting up a jam recording spot in their garage. THe garge is a a one car garge that not connected to the house. It's got a few windows, is real cozzy. I gotta run. Peep game G'

Sunday, June 06, 2004

I'm back from California, damn wuz it dope. I heard Crazy Coop is a crack smoking Mormon again, I hope he doesn't go klepto on us. So I think all the internet junkies at Kill Rock Star have stopped reading my post. It's a good thing, that Marisa girl is so bunk, she'll never et with sean because sean thinks shes nappy. Whatever. Man that was funny when gravytrain!!!! came to town, Joey kissed brontas and I saw Toby for the first time, she was freakin, so I figured DAMN, this is better than One Life To Live. My Grandma watches General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and One Life to live all in a row and she doesn't know which one is which, but shes been following them for over 30 years. I love my grandma, i'm going to do yard work for her after I go to the Dead shows this month on the 27th. I can't wait to play lake fair, Damn I'm pissed about something
Can you beleive that Guitar world wrote the Sweet Chld o Mine tab wrong???!!!! I'm gonna write them a few letters when I get home. I love the magazine, but I'm like si confused on whats up witht heir transposers. They suck ass. I'm gonna pove it too and I bet someone has already brought it to their attention, but if not, something is wickedly wrong with the modern guitarist community.

I'LL BE BOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!