Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Damn time flies like an airplane into buildings. I swear W Bush is a ragging idiot. JOhn Kerry is kinda stupid too, and his wife should give me head or some money for nothing, because thats real gangsta shit. So I'm back and I have a fan named Alex from Colorado, he is cool, but he needs to email thomas_jackso40@hotmail.com
Lars and I recorded Drums and scratch guitar to L.O.V.E.U.
It sounds great, Lakefair still hasn't paid us yet, but Jesus never came back either, except in the book of Morons he came back and raped a couple blacks and Indians. I swear Joseph Smith sucked a big dick all the time. White people are so weird, except us Irish and Sweeds, just kiding, all humans are equally stupid, possibly. I gotta run, See yo ass soon.