Friday, September 24, 2004

Why does Goerge W suck???? Why is Dan Rather used as a scape goat to avoid the reality that Bush had fake documents made. Why are the Bush daughters constantly taking cock in the ass? WHy do his daughters smoke coke and fuck random jokes, why is on fat and one anerexis? Why can't I post in my blog more regularly??
Well I am now officially in the guiness book of world records as part of the world's largest drum circle. It was so liberating, I almost got naked and fucked the ground, but I was ate too much Ganja food for that.
KB, Genius, and I made money and camped next to Mike Ping. Taarka kicked ass, except the mandolin player kinda sucks, Enion kicks serious ass, she is Trey of the Violin. I tried making tent but it sucked.
The A-Kamp album is going great, I put up a post saying we aere gonna break up, I heard that doing that creates fans. Well see about that, I think that good music matters more. I gotta run G