Monday, April 27, 2009

OME!!!!!!! that means OMG in Pizza T language. So I am at Subway right now listening to 1988 Phish in Colorado. Z Kamp is playing Telluride this summer I believe, but we sound very very little like this Phish.... Besides my bleeding obsession. So Subway I thought would be the place to always blog... At first I did a little, and myspacing and feacbook reverbantion... you might know the drill. But.. woops, just got a call. So after the first month of working here it got misserable. I get phreaked and cant do anything but be a stress case. I only work 16hours a week here and for a couople months it felt like I was working here 55 hours a week without a break. but now its back to normal in my mind to a decent extent. maybe its the kind indoor Organik futuristik nugget I just puffed. but I noticed something the other day about how my blog sucks... and hoe I kinda suck too... but it was just a theory to be thought out... theroputik dawg! So now you might want to know what I noticed about myself and my blog right? Well let me tell you then... mm mm hmm.... clear my virtual throat here..
"Looking back at my years of blogginh... I post mainly around tramadik events. Some of these times you can see I post way more in a month than in another...and some posts were even tooken down for being too intence and hateful" "And that might mean i only blog when I was at war with some sort of intity... For example, when I got my panties in a bunchez when Srah Larson started dating George Clooney" "OR when I got in a war with all of Kill rock Stars including kurt Cobain's real X love...and Im not talking Courtney love Im talking ... geez whats her name again. bnny p would know... She was in Bikini Kill and dated joey Casio I believe."
So I wanted my blog to be its own intety and not just an outlet for when Im all intece about something.
but I got to thinking/... ?? Should I be down on myself about my blogging times? Should I feel like an idiot knowing that everyone can see my blogging dates and how pathetik they can be in my perception?
And I thought and thought and thought... and even thought about writing this blog. I was planning this last month. I FEEL GREAT TODAY. I never made BFF with Perez hilton, George Clooney, Obama, Slom Moon, 3G Festival, Donna Jean..... But who cares? I made friends with myself and my real friends. I call them PHRIENDZ...
4 Phriendz. I am so happy they are letting me listen to Phish inside this Subway thats inside this Gas Station. And I am so happy Z Kamp got the Terrapin Station gig in Boise Idaho on Jerry's B day.
It sucked that Kyle aka Pizza Zzzz did not work out in time for this tour. we are still playing together in the Pizza Pocketz... and I kinda feel like this... PHIL... JK
i feel like he chooses his path. I choose mine. I was not suicidal, but depressed and stressed to a skitzokphranik state of mind at the point of Halloween 2008. I got really sick and had a gig with Z Kamp coming up and an important practice. but I thought I could see the devil so obvious as an angel of light try8ing to get my to fold... And they did not know they were the devls working agent, but I could see it and I scolded it and I shoked the heavens and this little goodie tooshoe X Christian ballz dropped to the ground, and now the Helping Phriendly book is playing in the background/... HE WAS GREAT AND KNOWLEDGABLE ... the one who knows, the one and only... who is the one and only, life is twisted inot everything.. I couldnt of wrote this with the smae passion as I play the gutars with my mind and fingers everyday.. OK Icculus... Kid iccuslus.. blha blah... moving on


So Kyle could be back and couldnt... that wasnt the point. Are points even possible? Maybe... But i could feel the demonz pulling everything. Z Kamp is not meant to be, it just is. Its just there and thats because my soul has a mission. But thats not the point either. I have a song. its my song. I didnt write it, but I did write it, but I didnt create me and I did create me. Its like its there and your there and then what? Its the Happy song.. and its my secret... the Scarey song will breathe its way into the Kamp... it is already getting cpr and not from a cpa. Bad inside joke. 5 bucks to anyone that can unravel the meaning of that inside joke. So i feel the demons and thats not trying to be funny, I feel them and see them and am them and am not them... Its crazy and skitzo. but I have a skit. i have a have and I have a need. I need yoy like I need everone. NO JOKE. Z Kamp did it with AE and willagain if the heavens allow it.. Same with Pizza Zzzz.. Same with Russel... Russel realized quick the seriousness of what happened after A Kamp.... Its real, like it or now. I know you foolio haters... I see you with goggles. I can write, I just choose not too,. It wasnt the time... It builds up. I fuckinf am phucking proud of myself and proud of you for reading this this far. GOOD JOB CHAPPY!!!! I felt like I needed something.. but its not about me, even if I somehow call the shots, its still.... You know. Im not the gun, im the guy with the gun. Kinda liikke Axel rose. I love Chinese Democracy. I do not know how I would still be where am at today without GnR Chinese Democracy. It saved my family. Thank you Axel.... I velive. Alwayz have and alwayz will my brother. I feel like I know you. I feel like you are cool like Phil Lesh. I love Axels passion. I love the funny beef stories with Kurt Cobain and Axel... but look whats up. Life is short and even when your famous... when your gone your gone, so the longer you can be here rocking out... ther better. And thats Why I believe timothy Leary frooze his head. Im gonna do that too if I can afford it. I need a stud man body next time, some chics dig my package, but I would hook up the Rocko Sufreddy packag3e next time.
So if somehow kyle ends up back in the Kamp, then he does! and great... MTM is back and same with Macdawg... It's all good. but this plaent is so small, and so big, its all how you perciece and want to look at it. youth is in all, even the Dead... ha ha get it/// Love you all and I love you Z Kamp, thank You for entering my life the way you did. I do not regret it and I love it and hope and strive and work for you Z Kamp. it is written without ever really being written. Kinda like the Phriendly helping book. I know what I am up too right now and I am on it. I have moved on and I hope you all move on too. Vote The Z Kamp Express at unless this is 10 years later or some shit and we are no lnoger on that poll/// But check anyways and ask to put us back on! jk but not really
Pizza T with Love
Sherlia Azziz " Don't be affraid of the craziest" It was meant to be.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

So I keep getting drama from the Eagles Show that got shut down. i kinda moved on then I keep getting reminded that this place called the Eagles Club exists and they treated me like shit. I walked away from the even very hurt and felt like they stole my High School graduation from me. I felt like this show in the Eagles basement with David Gans and Z Kamp was my graduation from jamband high school into jamband community college. "But it more or less felt like a got my diploma or ged but was not allowed to walk with my class. But I am over it. I know John Kiersting had a job there and is now suspended from the place for 6 months. I hope he can see that as a 6 month period to figure out where we all as a hippy community find a spot for bands like Heliotroupe and Z Kamp can play. Olympia needs an all ages venue... more than one. Are blogs cool. I tell you what.. Thisis a random ass post. i am with KB Smooth and Treypac.