Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So I made this as the back of The show we did with David Gans.

This Is my blog and my opinions. I think Gans likes Z Kamp. He told me he does. I see other bads that are so tight and together and fancy. Where do we fit in. I feel like we get there too, but its all in the search in the moment. I worked out those moments, but having them form on there own is part of the art I dedicate my life to. Kinda like how G.G. Allin dedicated his art to punk and violence within his art. It's a theme I shall die with... I will die with the theme of LSD musical influenced art and the art of not being serious, and being ridiculous... Is there a connection? We shall look until the day I die. Maybe you will continue the search. I love my blog and my new life, which is similar to my old life. I just went to the Gorge and had a great time with my family. we saw the ead play and my brother Justin and I kicked it and bought the same shirts. it was like we were 3 again and we wanted to wear the same clothes and really enjoyed our simularities as brothers instead of looking for our differences int his game of life and figuring out who you are as an individual. I am excited to go on tour again. This will be my 8th and half tour with a band. My 4th Z Kamp tour... I am so blessed to be alive. Even if our species is destroying the planet at a great rate, I still love us and know the planet has its own destiny and change with or without us..... planets and stuff is older than older gets... Its infinit.... eternity.... Thats why this THE NOW, moments.... is so weird and hard to explain. How to explain something thats unexplainable. Time is only relavant to our cycle around our sun. Many sons and cycles exsist in an infinit matter. Lets say everything has to do with the tars alligning and thats why some people get famous and some people get fucked in prison by bubba and then get aids. I am harsh soetimes... I do not belileve in Karma spiritually, i velieve in it scientificly. Nothing is perfect and everything is perfect and everything is everything and all is all and we all are connected throught infinity. There is no wall because a wall would have to be made of material which in its self is something that goes on and can be built into. I belive in Sustainuhdomez. I belive together we can survive even if the planet gets unihabitable for humans, because I belive it could be unihabitable by itself, but with our technology we can survive and live anywhere. ibelilve we will start underground. we need to filter clean air, harvest enery with solar panels that can survive on the surface. We must be catious of the pirates that will try to enter and take and destroy us. We are peace, and peace gets delt with by destruction, so we have to become Warriorz of Light. Join me, drop your fam, drop your lot, join me. Love ya
Pizza T