Monday, July 25, 2011

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Auto Tune The News vs. Dubstep Charlie Sheen - Winning - PIZZA T Remix

Charlie Sheen his an awesome dude. I think he is going on Phish tour this summer.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Free show tonight Pizza T zkamp at the East Side 9pm. Danny Kelly and Jason of artesian undground sitting in w/ Pizza T. Hear New Songs

Friday, February 25, 2011

So I am awake early. Bout to smoke some indo. I swear, I am mentally fucked. At least I am staying mellow. Wont take Zoloft, I'd rather be a freak. Sucks that everytime I but together a band that it falls apart. Most likely its me? But at the same time, it could be bad luck. Like the economy. Who the fuck can stay in a shitty town that has no good jobs just to be in a band? I know I found a way. Really though, I have never had luck with bands starting from High School. i remember I started a band called the latex Babies with my brother and we had our first REAL gig at a "Flower Party" which is a group of kids from each class makes fake flowers for the homecoming floats. So we practiced at my dad's accounting office in the back storage area for a month. We were super punk rock. So the day of our show we set up in a girls back yard. Our drummer refuses to play. Everyone is like "ARE YOU GONNA START"? The drummer "Josh Smith" refused... SO some weasily looking skater kid said he knew how to play drums, and the show went on. IT WAS BAD. The skater kid lied, he did not know how to play drums at all. He just started hitting them as hard and fast as he could with hitting the rim more than anything. It was AWFUL and embarrassing. I moved later that month away from that school and ended up in Washington State "HOME OF INDIE ROCK AND GRUNGE"

Now I am 32 and have 2 kids a 1 on the way. I really have been trying hard as fuck with music for years. But what am I trying for? Respect? Talent? Fame? Fun?
Those are typical questions...... But now its like I have been doing it for so long that i'm not sure whats going on...... I have never tried to be on a label, I just assumed that it would work out. Not so... I feel like Squidworth sometimes.
I did a Halloween show and it was so bad that I really questioned my life and my art.
I mean there was no chance of being anything but I guy who likes to play music, and bad music at that. But I have to deal with that myself. Thats my own making. My wife was there and saw me play horrible and also watched a packed house all walk out on my show. It was worse than the High School first show with the weasily skater kid. IT WAS SO BAD>>> I never felt like a wash up before; at least to this extent. And on top of it I was going so far into debt that I was in fear of my family's future.

So I decided to quit shows and work hard on my music until the next show and see what happens. I was pretty sure of a few things. 1. No one will come to my next show because Halloween was so FUCKED in THE ASS. 2. Or the planet is so big that a whole new crowd will be there if I advertise right. 3. The show will prove that Pizza T Z Kamp can clear a house with its awful music once again 4. Or we will prove that the last show was a fluke and everyone should always DO WHAT THEY LOVE.

Believe it or not.
the show was more packed, and the first band was so so so good. And I knew High Ceiling, the closing band, was gonna be super fucking good. So I was a little worried, or at least should of been worried. It very well could of gone like the Halloween show, but I wouldn't know until we started playing. Imagine this, A WHOLE ROOM FILLED WITH PEOPLE, THEY ARE ANXIOUS FOR MUSIC, YOUR ON STAGE LOOKING AT THEM LOOKING AT YOU, YOU START THE FIRST SONG...... and what happens next A. Everyone starts leaving the room like someone dropped pepper spray in the building and your all of a sudden playing for your wife, which looks very disappointed, and five other people that most likely are only sticking around because they feel super bad for you.
or B. The big crowd gets bigger and then starts grooving and dancing and rocking and cheering, but as you look your wife is no where to be found or to be proud because she is at home with sick kids??
Well B happened at the last show. If the show went bad I wouldn't of quit anyways. I would of just been sad. Kinda like after Hallloween. Though I wasnt sad for long after Halloween. I hit the studio and did a little PIZZA T STYLEZ firing and hiring.
understand this....... This summer I did some mind searching and self observation. Lots of meeting new friends and hearing new sounds. Yesterday i listened to String Cheese 2010 at hornings hideout.... And in the first set you feel like WOW this is hillbilly shit, then they find themselves by the end of that set with Shantytown>gypsy queen. This is when they sound like Super Cheese to me.
So point being this...
What is it that I am confused on?
What I found= Maybe I judge and do not understand how other people think. Why is it that band I perceive as shitty have way more followers and fans than me?
I think the root of it is inside my soul. Like I could of just judged the SCI and refuse to listen past a jam or two. Or maybe think about what?? What it is? What it is that makes the people so into them. To me Phish is like a rock star band that was very easy to see why. but stuff like Sublime and Nirvana had to dig a little.
I realize i assume friends should support. That is not the case though. Some do and some don't. Some will do the opposite and get you kicked off labels, kinda like how Ben Parrish aka benny P aka Ben Compton got Gravy Train kicked off the label. Sometimes you gotta realize that you gotta not even think about the stuff like that. Is that good or evil or neither/ Probably in the courts it would be neither because its hard to prove someone true intentions. Maybe he truly thought Hunx and Gravy Train!!!! could never get better or make more fans? So drop em quick....
I would of never ever ever set out to get a friend or a band that I know has fans within my friends purposely kicked off a label.

So I try to understand. I too want to be loved. So I gotta love, I gotta understand, I gotta take note of what i can feasibly do.

As of now i am done with the traditional band. I like having a robot in the band, I like being goofy, I AM NOT ASHAMED. I know I can "bring it"!!!
Its obvious that I am a weird one.
So if the String Cheese is cheesy, and Insane Clown psse' is wiggity whack, ??? Then what can you learn from them because, they seam to have what you want. Maybe it is me that is korny and wiggity whack and I assume I am the choosen one that will save the planet with Rock n' Roll.... So there you have it, the end of the Spongebob movie.
Whats cool is I know I am writing this and NO ONE READS it.... So I can be candid as fuck.

I think techno is brain dead music lets say. though I have heard techno music I love. Analyzing my last two sentences do you notice anything? Its ingnorance maybe? Its the battle a lot of us struggle all day everyday till the day we die. I would stray away from anything that sounded like something I preceived as something I wouldn't dare do because it is to not me for my books.

I have made a song
I have had so many people love it, and say its the best thing I have ever made and they listen to it everyday. Yet the song when played for a close friend says its too commercial, or too not me. Mark Rogers and Dylan Chapman both know my music and both felt kinda negative about the song........ though I knew I was onto something because I believe they are thinking the way i always find myself thinking. I think its about being open minded. They are worried for me too. Regardless, both of them were at the last show and they loved it.... THEY LOVED THE SONG THEY QUESTIONED. They said they were kinda at odds with the song when they listened to it at home, but live it made since. THEY ALL LOVED IT LOVED IT. It was awesome and weird. Though i find myself falling into the same traps, though i am doing my best to avoid and keep on the path to freedom.

My buddy bill said that the dude from ...uh I forgot
Well Bill said his friend is better and more professional than me because he has been doing the music business for longer. Then i researched it and I actually am way older than his friend and have been doing it way longer.... maybe I just suck....? Or maybe I just need to learn from his friend. Even if his friend doesn't want to teach me.
Do I love what I do? Yes. Have I ever made a good song people liked? YES almost every year
Do you make stuff people hate.. YES YES YES LIKE ALL THE TIME.

Can you lose money with music- YES
Can you make money- YES, FINALLY- I finally made at Countdown to Love 3

I can do it, even if I suck, all the best suck too. Everyone that is loved is hated. Jesus is loved and hated. Bush Jr. is loved and Hated. Phish is loved and Hated.
So I assume I gotta focus. Do like Pizza Today says and improve your business by analyzing what works and doesn't work.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fuck. I get in trouble 4 stupid shit all the time. My wife is clever. So the Safey Thin Crust Carlic Chicken Pizza is great if you like raw onions. Too much 4me

Running Water

My friend AE made this in a serious moment in time. It's so amazing. Love to the AMazing Alex Wilson.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

IT'S Finally 2011. Will we all die soon? Answer- YES. My New Years resolution is to not get upset over the little things. Let the art take center stage in my life. Family always is backstage and center and audience. Goal- Keep a straight mind and work hard to make family proud.
Since I can never remember what I did the year before I decided to document my awesome New Years of 2010 going into 2011.
What I did was sit next to the bed while Shannon and Alaijah slept and I worked on my song Sustainuhdomez. At first I was getting depressed and sad because it was not going good, but I kept working because I know I gotta keep working and editing and eventually something will happen.... and it did. At 10 Alaijah was asleep while Shannon took a bath. I was working on the music and getting emo because it was sounding less than epic or good. And that kinda stress gives me anxiety which leads to Acid flashbacks and bad vibes. Alaijah woke up about 10:30 and I had to stop. Which was good because her smile made me happy and I always feel better when I can tend to others needs. Helped get out of my rut. Then I realized I gotta take a different approach when I go to edit when she goes back to sleep. So Shannon got out the bath and the baby quickly went to sleep in my arms. I laid her down with Shannon while she watched hella funny tosh.o. I got back on the laptop and started to work. At midnight I had a BREAKTHROUGH. I was able to use the Skok show as samples for Sustainuhdomez in which it sounded amazing. it was like the best live show meets hard core modren studio work. Its literally AMAZING. So good. It was the best New Years present from the gods in all history. Which is great because this song is about surviving the future in whatever it brings. I didn't deserve the blessing as much as the song. AWESOME!!!!