Saturday, March 31, 2012

Whats new Mr. Drama?

I'm dramarific. I wondet when I will find inner peace. I'm gullible to an extreme. I want affection all the time. Regret is something I dwell on everyday. What should I do? Is it that I blame too much? I want to participate in something meaningful. Untill tomorrow. Try again I shall.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finally....but not the final

It's here, it's on my droid, it's amazing*&%$# I finally have the blogger app. I swear I looked for it on this droid and it didn't exist ....but maybe it did and I didn't see it? Regardless - it's here now. I just wish I could talk into it.
What a crazy run the last 5 years have been. Treypac is now 6 and I have 2 little girls. I've been having weird dreams with a mixture of friends from different areas and times in my life. I'll have dreams about college with people from elementary school, dreams of still dating certain gf, dreams about my current wife... alll pretty vivud. No nightmares though... which is excellent because to me nightmares make me fearful of what could happen when dead.
I made a vlog apologizing to George Clooney and Sarah Larson today. Feels good. I've been getting guidence from Kitchen Nightmares tv show and the Acience of Mind little magazine/ sugest thingy. I got a few of the from my CSA Church in Olympia before I moved. I'm feeling optimistic about life.... and why not? I am a stay home Dad full of hope. I become a tool and guide for my girls. They are 6 months old and 2. I must enjoy my time with them; even the screaming and begging. They will be older eventually and I will have the drive and new experience to re-enter the arts in an intence full-time way I love. These girls rock and I have been rwcording Alaijah sing. I figure record her whenever I can and not to worry about editing it. Editing tajes me lots of time, abd once they are older I will have ample time to edit. Similar situations occurred with my boy Treypac. It took almost 2 years to edit our movie Gun Battle.
Love Universal
Pizza T

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's been really long since I last posted in here. It's because life from now and then has been more than dramatic... it's been overly real. I mean that in terms of not literal but as such as REAL meaning REALLY INTENSE. For example, I am trying to type this while feeding a baby. What is comforting the most is this, as much as it might hurt that only 2 people subscribed to my blog in the last 8 years, it's good that I can use this as a way to express the up most aweful shit in my life and can feel that release and not have to worry about too many people reading it. I have been my greatest fan and assume others would too. I did find a few true fans and or friends.
I do live in Illinois now. I had to leave Olympia to be by my kids. My wife left me, but took me back as long as I moved to Illinois and said what she wanted to hear. i have to go now because baby is screaming.