Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Steak n Shake food review

So good.

Steak N Shake was so amazing. I have never had anything there except the cheesy fries in 2007. The experience was amazing. And I will take all the amazing experiences I can since I am new to this town. I really do miss my old hometown, but Steak N' Shake does not exist where I used to live. It was so freaking good and such a great price. Seriously. I can't think of one thing to complain about. This place just puts Burger King and other fast-food restaurants to shame. It felt like someone cared about me from the moment I walked in. It had a restaurant vibe with a fast-food twist. But the other twist was that it was old school like it was from the 50's. They had folding cardboard cars for the kids to assemble while waiting. The chice of food was simple yet still had a great variety. No actual steaks though. I guess the burgers are made with ground steak. AND THEY TASTED AWESOME. Holy god they were so good. Way better than Sonic by far. The thin cut fries were to die for and I loved my little salad with blue cheese. I even tried my kids chicken strips and they were way amazing. Then the shake at the end put me in a food coma. I was so full yet it was so good I would of ate it all again. Now I see why some people like to puke so they can eat again.Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera Body - 25468

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Friday, May 04, 2012

Illinois... WTF

So this is more like a pathetic diary than a blog. It can take years for me to figure out the obvious. I just recently realized the Broncos are not the Dolphins. I only like football if it involves free pizza, beer orqp weed.
So how the fuck did I end up here? Doesnt matter. Im here so oh well. People dont change all that much usually. Though some do.
My point being this, my wife's family and her home town will eventually make her want to move far away.
I would love to move back to the west coast. But I could be happy anywhere if I can get time to work on my music and art and make money somehow. I do wish to live in a medicinal mj state. Its tuff out here just lime olympia because I watch the kids from 6am to 12am. I get snipets of time to attempt my business, but its never enough and my music is the thing left in the dust. Fuck it sucks so much sometimes. Oh well. Gotta stay happy somehow. Kids neef me again so I gotta go.