Wednesday, June 04, 2014

- Up in the Air - Official Music Video by Pizza T and Danny Kelly "Z-Kamp"

I worked super hard on this video. It is a dream come true to have Danny Kelly, Micheal T Mercker, Jay Blakesburg and so many others came together to make this music video happen. I truly believe this is the best music of 2014. This video defines what Z-Kamp has become. My life has been in many spirals as you might find if you read this blog, but lately my life is all rainbows and kisses. I am so happy and have so much energy and health to spread through out whatever this thing is. Maybe it's the universe or maybe it's all some sort of dream within a dream of thoughts collect through infinity.

Rachel Corrie died over ten years ago and I told the Rachel Corrie Foundation in Olympia during the Occupy Olympia period in 2011 that I would DO SOMETHING. And this is one of the things I did. Stand up! Use art to speak! Speak loud and help spread the words and wisdom and knowledge of TRUTH!

Love ya

Keep Try Try Trying

Pizza T