Tuesday, April 19, 2016

R.U. Sirius is BACK with Phriendz

Now ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? You made another remix with R.U. Sirius? Yeah bro, Phriendz did. AND IT'S in my opinion way better than the last remix in it's own way. If you are not familiar with R.U. Sirius then do so now.
I do not own this picture, so please don't sue me. Here is a link to the blog that I got this picture. It's cool and you will have fun there. peruavantgarde.blogspot.com 
He is on wiki so he could be in the Illuminati and pulling the strings of the Government and is into Ed and I being double NEO in the current Matrix. but that is highly unlikely.... or is it?
Here is his wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R._U._Sirius 

The latest collaboration with R.U. Sirius is being documented at this location by RU Sirius himself. https://rusirius.bandcamp.com/album/rewrites-wrongs
RU Sirius will be adding more and more songs to this website as we get them done. RU's next idea is too good that I put it in Top Secret status. but if you are reading this and you do go to the bandcamp page provided above^^^^ please download and donate. Even if it's 1 dollar or 5 billion. Support the arts that are not trying to exploit you.
Here is a link to it on sound cloud and here you can watch it on youtube. https://soundcloud.com/phriendz/on-the-beam

This song is in need of some ears. Even if you can not hear, turn it up loud and try to feel the vibrations. Phriendz's youtube channel is kinda running slow at this moment. But that makes sence because we have not been playing shows the last two months since our last tour. And we have been in the studio working at producing our first album and not promotion. The album will be done in June and available for purchase in late July.  So the only thing keeping our youtube afloat with new material for the time being is all thanks to RU Sirius. But for how awesome he is and the songs are, it is obvious we need help getting it to other people's ear drums. Be a sport and help us get this song out on the internet like a wild fire. If a girl farts into a camera on youtube and she can get 10,000,000 plays, then I think we honestly deserve 5 billion, but we will be happy with 10,000. Listen to it, put it in your playlist, add it to your favorites, email it to a friend, text message it to a family member, or post it on instagram or facebook. I know you all sent at least one cock shot or pointless (I'm at Taco Bell) selfie this month, or maybe today? Be a Warrior for the Underground arts. Take a moment for us. You got this far right? So just do it real quick... hurry...

OK now that you are back. We have some exciting stuff coming up. We have a show with the band Z-Strain.

If you're in the California area, like the middle of cali, come see my band Phriendz with Z-Strain and many other bands. May 7th and its a campout. Search Backyard Bonanza 2 click here to find it on facebook

Also, I am running for president.

Here is my campaign video.

As you might not know, Pizza T is my moniker and is still my moniker in Phriendz, but as the true story goes, the AI members of the band wanted me to use a new stage name for Phriendz. Click here to subscribe to my Daddy Phr!day blog that is a blog that keeps you updated with the members of Phriendz and our personal life.

I am using this blog as an illuminati take down experiment into the future. The algorithm of the motherboard of Al gore's internet system can not keep track of my randomness. They think they got it in lock down for Hillary and the Corporations, but they just got introduced to NEO... or did they?
Have a great day if you believe days actual exist.