Monday, November 22, 2004

I decided that my blog is awesome. I was John Kerry for Halloween, the only difference is -is that I'm a winner TEDDY KNOWS. I have a funny feeling that a few of my tweaky relatives on my dad's shady side of the Family read this Blog and are now anti Tommy O'. They can suck a hairy goat cock. If they can't feel the magic of Satan that I possess then they can suck auh nut. I got the Violin, thats all I wanted, now I can start disowning foolios like some did to Narcelous. That nigga is da shit. I carried my dead Grandpa, I stayed with Grandma Fay for weeks after Grandpa died. But since I'm a liberal with a comedy Blog, I guess I'm a bad person. But Who gives a fuck? I got the violin, HELL YEAH G'
I'm at Lil T's right now, she cool. Well I still love everyone in my family, even if they are crazy. I'm not even supposed to be alive right now, same with Genius, thats probably why the spirits set us up to be in a band. Well the A-Kamp album and my latest band CG2 album is coming along great. If you wanna peep dat shit early- call my bitch ass.... 360 709 9813

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Theresa Hines can suck uh nut. What the fuck
4 more yearz

I can't wait till we get out of debt because Bush is so wise. I can't wait till we become the #1 nation ever. Soon we can spread Jesus and Democracy to the Moon or Mars. What the fuck. O well
All my relatives voted for Bush because they love hium. They wanna have butt sex with him. Or maybe they like dead babies.
0an't blame um. Bush is awesome 4 more yearz
He will shapen up the economy and illegalize abortion and not get flue shots. O well
I think that now that I'm running for office things will change. Someones gotta get the bullshit out the whitehouse, someones gotta get rid of Jesus, and I would gladely take the chance to tell the shallow ignorant monkies, that just like Zues, Jesus will fuck it all up too,
I guess the inevidable evilness of the US will not be postponened noe that Bush won, Kerry might of only delayed our grrsom end. MAD MAX where you at?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I am back in black. So I'm voting for John Kerry, the hippy multi billionaire with a gig o dick for W's mouth. I love soo much, I started a band with ae. We wrote a song called " I liked to get fucked with shit all over me"
Just kid n', that would be cool though. We have a show this saturday. We are playing Uncle John's band in shit. We really rock, thought this girl debbie that was gonna play bongos with us kinda sucked nuts, no offence please, just, it would of took to long to get her into the T Nut groove.
I saw DOug from Saints today, he ignored me, but I also ignored his azz. uh gangsta T
I predict that the band show will kick ass on saturday. Too many hippies will rule dis bitch.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Why does Goerge W suck???? Why is Dan Rather used as a scape goat to avoid the reality that Bush had fake documents made. Why are the Bush daughters constantly taking cock in the ass? WHy do his daughters smoke coke and fuck random jokes, why is on fat and one anerexis? Why can't I post in my blog more regularly??
Well I am now officially in the guiness book of world records as part of the world's largest drum circle. It was so liberating, I almost got naked and fucked the ground, but I was ate too much Ganja food for that.
KB, Genius, and I made money and camped next to Mike Ping. Taarka kicked ass, except the mandolin player kinda sucks, Enion kicks serious ass, she is Trey of the Violin. I tried making tent but it sucked.
The A-Kamp album is going great, I put up a post saying we aere gonna break up, I heard that doing that creates fans. Well see about that, I think that good music matters more. I gotta run G

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Damn time flies like an airplane into buildings. I swear W Bush is a ragging idiot. JOhn Kerry is kinda stupid too, and his wife should give me head or some money for nothing, because thats real gangsta shit. So I'm back and I have a fan named Alex from Colorado, he is cool, but he needs to email
Lars and I recorded Drums and scratch guitar to L.O.V.E.U.
It sounds great, Lakefair still hasn't paid us yet, but Jesus never came back either, except in the book of Morons he came back and raped a couple blacks and Indians. I swear Joseph Smith sucked a big dick all the time. White people are so weird, except us Irish and Sweeds, just kiding, all humans are equally stupid, possibly. I gotta run, See yo ass soon.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Uh thats real gangsta shit, uh yeah, Lake fAir BeEr garden show was too cool. MAn it was amazing, I guess it was kinda hot on stage and a little weird playing to strangers, but they almost all seemed to like it. The firefighter band before us was called # am Alarm clock or something, and they wereall firefighters from Lacey, and I liked them a lot, they were very fun, of course they kinda sounded like shit but they kinda sounded great too. The singer had a great low voice, but you could tell they spend more time fighting fires than practicing harmonization, and writing original material. They played like all covers, Like example 1. Closing Time example 2. Love is what I got by Sublime. Maybe they did have an original, they played a song about fire fighters, but it sounded maybe like I might of heard it before. It was younger and older fire fighter rockin out, so the singer was around 27 and the lead guitar player was around 50 with an old school guitar. My girlfriend is harasing me right now, I'll get back with the rest of the story later.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I took a vacation from my blog. But whatever, I'm so happy with A-Kamp website's messageboard. Lots of fun stuff. I'm really smokey yo, it's a good day, I think I'm gonna walk downtown, I got no money honey, but whatever, I got a raise at the Voyeur, and I got really fucking drunk, so drunk I threw up on Ian's deck up stairs. It was kinda fun, but not really. Man, It's been so hecktic, But nit really, I've been practicing guitar a lot, I'm learning slipknot by the gratefuldead, that song is fun to play or learn or whatever. I'm know writing a book like Bill Clinton, I think we have little but a lot in commen, see I was class president in highschool, and know I'm skilled in team work due to the years of working with others in bands. So I think that I need to do what right for America, and but not least THE World, actually the galaxy, I'm gonna be the first president of the galaxy. Actually, I own the galaxy, I own everything and or but not least the concept that I an the leader of the galaxy and my goal "like BUSH" would be to liberate the galaxy and shut up the liberals. So we got a show at LAKEFAIR's beer garden July 17th 5-7pm--- It's gonna rock dawggy. Things keep changing - like Lars is now moving in with my brother, after all these years of him at Exxon is over, now it's a new chapter. We are setting up a jam recording spot in their garage. THe garge is a a one car garge that not connected to the house. It's got a few windows, is real cozzy. I gotta run. Peep game G'

Sunday, June 06, 2004

I'm back from California, damn wuz it dope. I heard Crazy Coop is a crack smoking Mormon again, I hope he doesn't go klepto on us. So I think all the internet junkies at Kill Rock Star have stopped reading my post. It's a good thing, that Marisa girl is so bunk, she'll never et with sean because sean thinks shes nappy. Whatever. Man that was funny when gravytrain!!!! came to town, Joey kissed brontas and I saw Toby for the first time, she was freakin, so I figured DAMN, this is better than One Life To Live. My Grandma watches General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and One Life to live all in a row and she doesn't know which one is which, but shes been following them for over 30 years. I love my grandma, i'm going to do yard work for her after I go to the Dead shows this month on the 27th. I can't wait to play lake fair, Damn I'm pissed about something
Can you beleive that Guitar world wrote the Sweet Chld o Mine tab wrong???!!!! I'm gonna write them a few letters when I get home. I love the magazine, but I'm like si confused on whats up witht heir transposers. They suck ass. I'm gonna pove it too and I bet someone has already brought it to their attention, but if not, something is wickedly wrong with the modern guitarist community.

I'LL BE BOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2004
Uh Master Tea
I'm sorry that I'm #1 and your # last, damn the Crossing sucks ass. Al Qwada, I'll kick your ass too, Goerge W. Watch out for the next gangsta president soon. Uh Like Mater P but they call me Pizza T.
Thats My Rap
So I'm running for president. I'm starting my campaign now. I will be the best president and I will give everyone a free slurpee.
So I
m playing the battle of the bands dudes, On saturday- But my band can't make it, but o well, I have another band that will kick ass, I always run into odd gigs, I'm lovin it like Mcdonalds after a rave. I swear the worst band in town is The Crossing, they suck, I still haven't heard the Bangs, I assume they sound like Bikini kill meets the Rumors, I mean the Gossip- woops I did it again.
So i'm gonna win this battle of the bands, It's this saturday before my super local hippy show with Flowmotion. I'm gonna be rich this saturday.
I'm happy to say that I think the StoneCrop wars are over, not just thanks to time working things out, but cocaine ruining a community. I don't fuck with that shit too often, weeds way cooler, but anyways, if you notice what it does to peoples' teeth, imagin what it does to the brain. Like DAMN, and I like my dick size, it would suck to see inches vanish due to a cheep yet expensive high. But whatever, maybe I should try shooting it up my cock, it will be likethe new viagra.
OK OK OK I'm outta here. GO TO my WEB SITE AND POST A MESSAGE DAWG oyeah- I got kicked off of hotmail - IT'S ABOUT TIME. I think it was my anti bush emails, but whatever, o yeah, I also talked shit to some fools on Me amd Phill are gonna rock one day. Peace OUT G!!!!!!!!
I have a review of the last show I played, I got signed to K records, but not Oly K, the original K based in Cambodia, I also fucked a prostitute as part of the deal, OK I'm lying, but that would rule, ---
I swear that Joe from the Java Flow forgets everything, especially anything that has to do with the truth. I was going to poo poo on the bathroom floor, but after pissing on SLeater from Sleater Kinney's car I decided to wait till I get to Lane Stanleis grave, nut until then I'm gonna record what the grateful dead would of recorded if Jerrybear was still alive.
fucking BLOGGER SUCKS, but I'm sticking with it. I hope that every indie rocker in town dies of aids. I think Slim already got it. Yeah, I suck but Nelly really sucks. I can't beleive that I've become the next Jesus Christ. I am now nominated by Satan and Lucifer to take over the world. I am not down with Al Qwada, I will fuck their shit up, and I will prosicute that nigga Bush jr. I will fucking hump his daughter in my mind, but not in real life, because I worship Jesus. Syke, Jesus can fucking choke on cock. I don't give a fuck about Black people, white people, jewish niggaz, all I care about is my guitar and my homiez, which include myself, ae, Gypsy, Theresa, A-Kamp, except chris, he sucks dick, and my grandma, even tho' she stole money from me as a child. Well, someday I will die and haunt everyone hopefully, first I'm coming after you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

So, I think it's safe to come back to my blog. I had Marisa and Slim stalking me and my blog. Well so much has happened since my last blog- I PUNCHED someone, I'm guest appearing with Saints of Everyday Failure, I ate mushrooms, smoked over 3 ounces of wizard smoke, took pictures in my Gravy Train!!!! underwear, formed zzzscream Kamp with Scream Club, told the Java Flow to eat one and become an AA meeting spot again, and a bunch of other shit. But I'll type all that shit tomorrow, I'm gonna go pray to my saviour Jerry and Kurdt Cobain, CHECK BACK SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 187 on haters

Monday, April 12, 2004

I'm back on top of the world. I had an epiphany. My ding dong got bigger too. Bad idea, word up. It's time for everyone to chill and call their family and talk to them about the war in Iraq. It's time we choose sides. Armagedon is near. For all of you that love me and all of you that hate me, I will miss you all when I die. But I will be dead so it will be scientificly and logiclly that I will not be able to miss because I am dead, so soorry, but I probably most likely won't miss you, especially the rude girl from Sleater Kinney.Genius did pee on her car when i commanded it . Ian wrote that last sentence. Ben said he likes Crazy Chris 2 more than crazy Chris 1. It's not like I beat off when people get excited about my blog, but it does make me feel like Pjil LEsh and Jerrruy Garcia and also Sleater from Sleater and Kinney. Built to spill is pretty good, but then i heard phish and was like, fuck it. i like marijuana. my blog is #1. russel is the coolest hippy in town. this blog is sacrificing me a nug. i hate weed. i like george w. bush. SIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! john kerry and friends is probably the best band ever and should get signed to k records.
I'm back,

Monday, April 05, 2004

It's bullshit that I took soooo long to type in my blog, I'm not switching over blog servers until I get a digital camera, looks like this will be my blog for a while. SO Audrey from the Go Club is a fucking punk. Hunx tried to get me on the guest list but she player hated like usual. Fuck Marisa, she is such a ham. But anyways, guess who's at my house? Gravy Train!!!! and thats no Bull Shit, Hunx said he'll perform on my shit. Whaty a fellow. PEep dis shit, I swear everyone needs tro chill out. I gotta got to bed. Go to and come back to my blog and I'l fill you in asap on some serious good Gossip, and I ain't talkin about the shitty indie rock band either. Red HEads are #1, right Slim? Thats right, keep hatin on a soldier. Peep dis 187 yeah. Well Peace out, go to our next show in tacoma.
Peep Outta here!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

That was bullshhit, it didn't work, --I would tell you what I'm up to, but you should be able to figure it out on your own, I'm taking over the world. Go to the RANG DONG- Scream Club with A-Kamp at Hell's Kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!
I swear that Phish and the whole world will eventually read this blog about the #1 jambnd rock OG ever of all time tryin to rock A-KAmp to the next star trek level in which jambase will be stoked to smoke weed. That was jsut a test, I'll be back!

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm really excited to anouce that Alex Perrish is a punk, he might as well join the Punks, he's always hated me since the 1st Cooper's Glen perfomance. Ben almost commited suicide because Alex insulted our performance. I had butt sex with Ben to make him feel better. I don't hate Slim anymore, or really ever did, I was jealous that I'm not as cool as him, syke, I don't give uh fuck, syke again, syke triple beam. I'm switching blog site's, I'm gonna use the one Larstafari uses. I was drunk or something when I wrote my last blog, no one should take me seriously, or you just suck, I'm skiztophranic multi personality maybe a little, or maybe I'm just trippin. I once stabbed my roomate, but he was trying to kill me. I'm lucky to be alive, I once walked into a random house while I was in my boxers and started watching TV. Fuck the Punks, it was cool while it lasted, but I need all the time to focus on my other shit, it kinda worked out netter for me. It was too like Cooper's Glen anyways, at least the sound quality and skill level that is. The compisition aspects was only fun for the musical game type challenge, but we do plenty of that shit in A-Kamp, and dabble with math music myself every here and dare. Fuck the Punks because they kick me out then ask to use my PA, damn, thats oly scene\sters for you. lol I don't give uh fuck. Duck Hugger wants his bike seat back, I'm gonna try to call him tomorrow, I told him I had his bike seat, he must of forgot because the message he left on my ansewring machine sounded like he had little clue that I had it, but kinda did, but he just talked and talked but wouldn't just say give me my fucking bike seat back, I don't give uh fuck. A-Kamp got excepted or picked or whatever for the LEs Schwab And The Olympian Newspaper OLYROCK compilation, A-Kamp along with I think 11 other local bands got picked from a list of over 70 submissions. They picked stalgtites from the Mikey Poo session in the summer of 2002, right around the time released live at the right time which Beeny P and I made an album cover, Benny P drew the pics and I did the digital placement. I'm very happy that A-kamp is still together and rocking out. Everytime we practice, which thankfully has been alot lately, we sound better and better. We started recording a few days ago, I have some ideas and plans for some really rockin shit. I can't wait to keep making comps to play. GO TO THE RQANG DONG SHOW THIS FRIDAY OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thursday, March 18, 2004

I talked to Dudtin Davis with instant messenger, he is kinda weird but cool. I went to Round Table Pizza Buffet. The A-Kamp album has finally started, it only too 6 years. Slim Moon is a bitch, he kicked me out the Punks so he could have butt sex with the stupid intern girls. SLim is a horrible musician anyways, with played out ideas. He's lucky I don't sue him for sucking dick. But he's still cool, I hope he has fun sucking dick, I still love him and the Punks, I guess it's good that I left the band at the peak. Slim knew if I stayed at Kill any longer I would end up owning the place.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

I love the Rang Dong, I was smoking weed in the bathroom, then Tong got mad and blammed this kif\d that was having his birthday party. It was awesome. I swear that my new Cooper's of Bedlam is rad. I will smoke weed everday for fun. My blog is #1. I think Bird is gonna get me tripped out. That would be fun. I think Shanti Groove is gonna play with us at Le Voyeur. That should go good. F\Debo is gonna play too. I love weed, boobs, and guitars. Money works too. Ihope Leon House plays good at the Rang Dong. WHy are the Rang Dong bitches #1.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

It's bee a week since I've been to my Blog, I don't want my blog to turn into Dennis Driscol, which hasn't been updated for years. Good thing I've been going to the shows at the Voyeur lately. I booked 2 bands with the same name on accident. One was a 2 peice grungy type group and the other was a 3 peice rap group from Nebraska, both called Max Fischer, you know!!! Max Fischer from Rushmore. I don't understand why the Max Fischer from Seattle brought their PA, first of all the Voyeur has a PA and they've played the Voyeur so should know that by now, and they brought their own PA, which was a stupid idea. Everyband wanted to use it, which made them have to stay hella Late. One Nation Undereducated was invited by me to play, and due to the mix up had to play a shorter set, but I don't know where they get off thinking that should be awarded a 2 hour slot to play. I think bands should play no longer than 45 minutes at the Voyeur. I couldn't beleive ONU was trying to make the bands from Nebraske, which orginally booked the show, that they couldn't play their 25 minute sets because their set required at least 1:30. To me, i was slightly imbarresed by my ONU's attitude. It reminded me of Stonecrop. And no offence, but no one was really there to see ONU exept the big lot girls Lars and I and ae. It was more or les, no, just more, that Matt Freidly kept whining. like it really fucking matters, why should anyone bend backwards for an asshole, which he was being that night. He kept bitching that I always double book show, NOT TRUE! It only happens every once in a while, and it's usually not my fault. But we are friends, at least I thought, why get mad at your friend for making an honest mistake? I mean, just play a shorter set and be happy. I like Jeremy and Tracy, Jeremy was being very polite and understanding, Tracy was being semi understanding, Matt was being a flat out asshole to everyone. He makes me wish I didn't set up the show at the Rang Dong with ONU. But taking my own advice I know that I will just keep the happiness going and shows always have the chance to redeem themselves at the next show. It's too bad that ONU made everything difficult the other night. I don't know hwo died and made them Rock God. I hope they don't trip at the next show. But who cares.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I saw Deer Hoof today and got a 7". Then I got them all to sign it after the show. I tought the show was good, I thought it had some amazing moments, but I thought it was going to be a little more exciting. Maybe I need some indo to smoke inside the place. I thought the band was good, but they did have a cheap approach with equipment that made some bad sounds then some really good sounds, good sounds that I would also say were crystal clear harmonicly ground breaking with using any effects. The band almost seemed like coopers glen, for a moment it would be super ghetto, like the equipment was all ghetto and you could tell, then they would start rocking all the gear loud and the girl would come in with the vocals and it would all of a sudden be like this loud great band with really great sounding gear that sounded pimp. I felt like I was hearing solid rock from the guitarist at points, but I didn't like his all around flow, unlike the dude from weird war which had a pimp flow the whole time yet never had the super punch harmonic tone as deer hoof, but hey" everyonw is differen't ' RIGHT? They did seem progy at pionts, this one soung sounded a ittle like Phish. The guitarist did a drum muted palm tape along with muted picking for a smare sound. it was cool, sounded a little like Phish's maze. But I fell like cooper's glen or any combintion of sound can come to a point of rocking out and be awesome regardless the quality of the gear. I think the shittiest peice of gear has just as much soul as anythingelse. Eventho' Deer Hoof didn't blow me away, they did influence me and gave me some really cool new concepts and ideas. Very inspirational. I can see them getting wilder as the years go on. The guitar player after the show said he found his guitar amp in like some winter road somewher? It sounded great, he also palyed a gibson Les Paul studio I think. I told him he should get a BC Rich Mockingbird. They go to show that you can make crappy gear rock if you know how to rock it. I saw bird and Crazy Coop at the shows. They are pretty cool. The Copers of Bedlam show is gonna rock. PS Stonecrop is whack.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

I went to the Mint Hill, VCR, and the Nerve show last night. Only stayed to see Angela's Mint Hill project, which was really good. This chic was at the Voyeur trying to pressure Angela to start before 11 o' clock. This lady was really putting a stressfull vibe on the night, she would keep saying "you need to start, shows need to start when the bar is full, I've been to 10 shows here and I know that you show needs to start now and the bar tender is getting pissed and wants the show to start now or she'll cut the other bands off because there won't be enough time." Ironiclly, or maybe just rude and ignorant, she wasn't even staying to see the bands, she was just stressing Angela out, she was trying to make Angels feel like she didn't know what she was doing and that she was going to ruin the night. Good thing I was there. This bitchy lady had no clue who I was, and I heard her bitching and stressing Angela out, so I butted and asked her what the problem was, then she was trying to preach that this show needs to start now, its ridiculous that Angels won't start now, she gonna piss the bar tenders of............blah blah bla. Thats when I told her what was up, I told her that I've actually have put on
over 50 shows that I've played at at the Voyeur, and that the shows shes talking about(shows that go over time) are when there is 4 to 5 bands playing and each bands set is 45 and there set up takes a half hour, Angelas set was already set up and her playing time was only 15 minutes, and the other bands stuff was already set up too and their playing time was a half hour, and same with the last band, and then I said why would you want to stress Angela out? She should feel like a Princes at that moment because she put on this show at the Voyeur that brought in a shit load of people and money. We should make sure she is having a good time and ready to rock for us, Angela is smart, she wouldn't make the show run over time, and if she did it still doesn't matter because it's her show and I told her she was in charge, so thats when I let the dumb bich know that I am the booking agent for the Voyeur and Angela can start the show whenever she wants, I pretty much told the other girl to chill out and mind her own buisness, who the fuck does she think she is? The girl was being an ass and trying to start drama, Angela is the one that found all the bands, Angels is the one that put up flyers, DO NOT BE MEAN TO HER, just because your a bar tender or freinds witht he bar tender doesn't mean you operate the show or have the right to boss people around. I also explained to her to be nice to Angela becau Angela is a personal freind of mine that really loves the Olympia music scene. So Angela was happy that I came to her side when evil people tried to stop the happy rock mission. And sure enough her show went great. I hate when people are like " I know it's gonna go too long because I've been to 10 shows here and some of them went over in time," WHO FUCKING CARES, THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS SHOW!!!!!! Angela was very smart to start the show at 11 because then the show would end by 1:15 maybe 1:30 and that keeps people buying drinks later. I think Voyeur employees sometime forget who makes them money, or how the voyeur can put food on all it's employees table. Especially since the bands don't get paid shit but a 5$ beer tab. And I've put in tons of work for the Voyeur. I've been to 100s of show at the Voyeur, so you can't fuck with me.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Potter, Williams and Zoe are at my house right now. They are really cool, I hope they like to kick it even when they get older. Ian and Sean are also here, but the first trio left. I realized yesterday that the Rang Dong shows were written wrong in the Rang Dong calander, but I fixed them. I sure can be bad with dates sometimes. I have heartburn a little lately. Cooper's of Bedlam is now official, it contains members Cooper's Glen and Vessels of Bedlam. So far it's Ben, Me, Cody and possibly Emmit. I think that Space Gnome records needs to chill, they are way too corporate for Olympia. I'm making Tombstone Brickstyle Pizza right now. I love Pizza and all my bands. I think A-Kamp is good, but my band The Punks are really because it contains key rockstars members like Slim MOon. I think he would probably kick me out if he knew me better, or actually he might like me more, we don't really talk much, we just discuss the songs then rock out. Slim Moon is semi famous because he owns Kill Rock Stars and was pals with Kurdt Cobain. I think Courtney Love should play Le Voyeur to promote her new album. I think playing a shit hole in Olympia and Courtney beating up a local indie rock chic that shes' jealous of would help her career if she told MTV to be on the scene.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

So I gave my brother an A-Kamp shirt for his birthday. Flowmotion seem to be nice. I hope Chris from Stone Crop will stop slandering A-Kamp and my name around town. But I really don't care too much, he's probably jealous of my beefyness. Today I'm setting up the recording studio at LARSTAFARI's gas station, the album should revolutionize the planet. We might as well stop now before we start the next communist empire. AE is playing with us at the RANG DONG. Too bad it's gonna be called Mckinzies soon.

Friday, February 13, 2004

I played a show today. It rocked the hell out of me. I fucking kcked a goat in the throat. A-Kamp is bad ass and is almost like the Gratefuldead meets the Misfits. I will destroy Stonecrop. Tugboat Annie's was pimp, and I danced the night away like Van Halen in the 80's while doing coke.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

This is it dudes, my first official blog. It's a dairy of T. Thats me, and I'll lead you to the un promised theories of a G'.