Friday, October 24, 2008

So its been a while again since I blogged. I find myself busy and overwhelmed with stuff I believe is important. Then I realize that it might not be, or that I am a complete lunatic. It sucks being the dude trying to come up. I'm sick of it. It sucks that musicians cannot make a decent wage just for working hard. Its like you gotta be famous or play covers to make money. People love food. People would rather spend 10 dollars on some shitty festival food and then 5 dollars on a ganja treat rather than buying a cd for 5 dollars, or even 2 dollars. Lots do buy thanks to the outragously cheap prices I ask. And it does feel good to make someone happy with the art one makes. Though I listen to our live stuff, and I hear potential.... But I listen to older live stuff with Crazy Coop and some of that sounds perfect. I really wish Pizza Zzz could play better. He always fucks up chords. He is 21 and it shows. I do not know If I should kick him out or let him stay.... Mike Merker is down with the band and wants to go into business with me with Z Kamp. He is smart and I trust him. Music can be simple. It can be complicated too. But when ones' skill level is very high, then its seams simple to play complicated. And when I got these songs that he can not get the chords right, and constantly fucks up the songs and turns up louder than anyone and sings out of key and is gonna be moving ina year... I just don't get it at all. It stresses me out. He can not play quick riffs. He messes up chords all the time, and it brings my confidence and live playing level down extremely. So I will talk to Mike about it.

Otherwise. I am disappointed in how I reacted to the media last year. I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and it reminded me of the situation last year. I want to walk in the path of light and good. I do not deserve shit from people just because I dated someone. So I think I learned something, but I still seem to always forget. But I feel like my story and how I ended up with Shannon and Treypac is even funnier and more in depth. i almost did like Joe the Plumber and sold a book deal. But Clooney realized something too. As i sit in my 220 dollar Calvin Clien jeans tha I bought at Ross's Dress for Less for 5 dollars... i wonder... what to do? What is the right path?
So its been a while again since I blogged. I find myself busy and overwhelmed with stuff I believe is important. Then I realize that it might not be, or that I am a complete lunatic. It sucks being the dude trying to come up. I'm sick of it. It sucks that musicians cannot make a decent wage just for working hard. Its like you gotta be famous or play covers to make money. People love food. People would rather spend 10 dollars on some shitty festival food and then 5 dollars on a ganja treat rather than buying a cd for 5 dollars, or even 2 dollars. Lots do buy thanks to the outragously cheap prices I ask. And it does feel good to make someone happy with the art one makes. Though I listen to our live stuff, and I hear potential.... But I listen to older live stuff with Crazy Coop and some of that sounds perfect. I really wish Pizza Zzz could play better. He always fucks up chords. He is 21 and it shows. I do not know If I should kick him out or let him stay.... Mike Merker is down with the band and wants to go into business with me with Z Kamp. He is smart and I trust him. Music can be simple. It can be complicated too. But when ones' skill level is very high, then its seams simple to play complicated. And when I got these songs that he can not get the chords right, and constantly fucks up the songs and turns up louder than anyone and sings out of key and is gonna be moving ina year... I just don't get it at all. It stresses me out. He can not play quick riffs. He messes up chords all the time, and it brings my confidence and live playing level down extremely.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It turns out I'm an idiot and that Alpaca never was trying to dis me, but actually have just been busy. I jumped the gun and assumed things were ways in which they were not. Last year a made a commitment to not ever touch the booking stuff in the band. Its because I get all emo. I'm in a jam band, not an emo band. And I can't believe I got to a point in which I became so negative. I hope in my next blog I can talk about how everything is going great and I learned from my experience. I'm at my radio show right now. My brother is coming over to let me use the KORG. I SHALL STAY FAR FROM THE NET IN TERMS OF GETTING EMOTIONAL OVER CONSPIRACIES!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This is a hard post for even myself to read. this is a disclaimer. I wrote thispost when I felt on the bottom. Like shit. So much evil was in my heart.n It makes me sad when I get this way. I learned though from this. I see how my brain over reacts and I turn into a very negative person. If you think you know what people are thinking, then you are already entering a realm of thinking you know something when you really do not. I started seeing the negative in myself and in others. i became a full on hater. Talking way shit. I could excuse it by saying I was emotional, but I am just flat out sorry. I apologize. I really freaked myself on this one. Can I make myself a better person? Can I not be what I hate the most? i hope so. I really do love, so why is it that I can start to be the ultimate hater? Why do I let myself go there? Its like I could not control myself from hating. i used hate to make myself feel better about myself. It was wrong and evil. I do not want to be evil. I must not even get evil when someone does do something hurtful to me, in which no one did anything of the sort in this incident that got me so out of control. i'm happy I have this blog so I can look back an analyze myelf when im in a differen't state of mind. I am done booking.... It makes me crazy.... Really does. makes me turn into dr. evil. Dr. I can't think positive.
In the music world and in general, YOU GOTTA BE ABLE TO TAKE A HIT, you can not cry and throw a tantrum like a little kid. Very uncool and unprofessional.

It's been a few days since my last blog. Maybe more than a few. But things are getting better, I think at least maybe. Sometimes people can hurt your feelings, and instead of getting bad karma points, they seem to get more cool guy points. But if some want to have a heart of evil, then I am glad to be uncool and have a heart of pure good. I do not wanna blow the planet up by using the faults as points to nuke. I swear, its hard being so weird sometimes. I'm like the weirdest person ever it seems like. Not weird weird, but weird to a point in which some might be surprised that I have been what I do. I am skinny, funny, sometimes shy, sometimes extroverted. I've never been a lot kid, I have been a lot analyst. I was at the Dead shows when I was 15. Some have been there earlier, some have never gone. I met Kurt Cobain, I dated semi celebrities, I've toured, I've made some cool music, I have a beautiful wife/fiancee' and the coolest kid on the planet.... So why do I get so down on myself? Recently I had some younger cool lot kid hippies, ones that look like real life ghetto lot kids, invite me to play there house, and to set up a show with one of their friends bands. Then I try to set up the show.... I feel like I wasted my time and lowered my self esteem by trying to put this show together. I emailed the band and they never wrote me back, and you can see that someone has read the message I sent them. So why would they not write back? Obviously its because they do not want to play with us? But why? Is it because they do not like our music? Are we not cool enough? Do we not get enough people to our shows? And why is it that these kids that are friends with the band not tell me straight up? Probably because they do not want to hurt my feelings. So I get all upset over nothing. So now my evil side comes out. I just wanted to create unity and spread everyones music and put on an awesome show. WTF? Maybe they hate all my whiny messages, maybe one dude slept with someone in our band and has hard feelings? I do not know because they do not talk. I will be hurt for no reason, and now I just gotta believe in myself and keep up the hard work of making original music. I gotta love my friends. And they want to play with High Ceiling? WTF? Why not play with them and us? I would never deny a band to play with us, especially one in a similar genre. And if I was to deny a band, I would let them know why. I would never just ignore someone. Unless they are being an asshole. Or are they just waiting to get back to me when they figure everything out? And why is it I do not think so.... I love High Ceiling.... There show at the Virtual Meadow was a good turn out. Yet, It's bad decisions that get you destroyed. Just make the art and fuck the fuckheads that think they know what they are doing especially if Im the fuck head.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I know there is some things I wanted to retouch on from the last blog, but I shall save that for later. So its crazy how things work, and how more people means more famous people?? Possibly so. Whaever happened to the days that only local legends were in the monds of the locals. Now we have technology and we know more exsists out of our own tribes. Shit, tribes almost do not exsist in the same way they used to. I live next to 4 houses and I really never ever kic it with any of them. I am qurious about all the hate I've seen lately. I feel for Sarah Larson in a way.. I mean, I saw it coming, but didn't. I knew that she might oo be in a similar situation I am in, in which she was Clooney's girlfriend, and had access to his kitchen, money, games, cars, lifestyle... But all that could be gone in a second. Was she just kicked out of dudes house? Then I see a statement from her friend, which I never seen or heard of before, and the friend tells E Channel that it was a shoke to her and now she just is hard at work. Hard at work with what? Modeling gigs she got because she dated Clooney. It must be weird to show up to something like a super pimp photo shoot and then everyone at the shoot is like, "hows Clooney" and she is like, uh, we broke up. What if that would of happened before the 100 most beautiful people photoshoot for People Magazine? Would she still got the gig? So now she's gotta figure out how to work this one for herself. HOpe she doesn't talk to News of The World. Now she can know how it feels to be in a similar situation as I. I still hope for the best, and unlike Chris Altenburg, I am not a hater that uses words to try to be supreme. I sent him an email and dude is still talking about Leslie. I tried being nice to the dude, but within 3 emails with Chris, aka Genius, he was already talking shit about people we know. I just heard from some weirdo on the net that you can screw people over to get to the top. Well, to me that is a way non conscience way to look at things. Very human. To me, we are just human, and just as relevant as the air we breathe, as the food we eat, as the things we see..... Who cares if you make it or not, and what is making it? Its all opinion, and happiness is achieved without fame and fortune. I think that you can get to a very comfortable point in any career and stay loyal and non shadey the whole way. I really have wrote some long complicated songs, and I believe that if I try and stay true and honest with my fellow musicians and fans, that all these complicated songs will be accomplished and finally performed to an audience. I think that if I stay untrue and become shadey that the songs might never come true, never be performed. I might seem shadey to some, but inside I know I stand true, and therefore I am here another day to do a band practice and get one step closer to playing Masonik 1-7. A-Kamp played Masonik 2 live, and Z Kamp played Masonik 1. Why could these not of happened in the past? I'm not sure. Will they happen in the future? Not sure. But one thing I do know is this; if i do meth, smoke crack, cheat on my wife, ignore my kid, lie to band mates, skip practice, do not follow through on shows, argue with others, pick on others, think I am better than others, complain too much, smoke too much herbs, tell lies, steal etc... oh yeah, not be myself.... then the band will fall apart, my life will fall apart. So Flowmotion gots Blake Lewis playing Meltdown. I knew I sw Lewis at Meltdown a few years ago, but was not sure if it was him, but know I know it was. I met Blake in 2003. He was good, he did like some weird beat box thing and was selling his CD at the show. But this will not make Flowmotion big, this will be extra stories in their history as a band. Just like Sarah will not make me famous, just add to my story. What we all love about music varies from person to person. What I noticed is that the more you try(making art) the more stuff(art) happens, and then the more you try(to get famous) the less art is being made, unless you make an art form out of trying to get famous. But my point is this, sometimes things just happen and there is nothing anyone can do about it. And lets say my whacky buns gets big somehow, will I remember who was nice and not nice? Who lied and did not lie? Will it matter at ll what I think even if I believe I am famous? No, not at all.Things just kinda happen, and who knows,.... thats a quote from Donald Rumsfeld. All I know is this, I wanted to make a band work and be grand like my favorite bands. This was a mission from my first show in 1993 at the Mira Loma Sophomore Flower APrty with the Latex Babies. Then you see yourself getting older and things not taking form like you knew they would. But then an artist comes to a point where they ask themself.... "I am not making money, I am not famous, and its very cometitive, what should I do??? Then you get a girl pregnant, then you get on hard drugs, then you lose your day job.... What should you do? Well its not all that bad. I am lucky to have met Shannon. BUt back to my random point, I had to ask myself what is up, what I want to do, what am a trying to do, what is my idea? Who am I? Is this in vain? The answer I came up with was complex. I am a human, I lay music,its all I really know. I've made money here in there, but nothing to pay rent... It even got really complicated when my wife aka fiancee asked ouselves this last month... I am HUMAN, I am a flower, I have the power. It's what I do, its no joke, and it might be in vain, but if that who I am then I need to improve and focus and do it correct. Figure it out, find musicians and keep trying. I play music, its wahat I do, I do not know anything else, so I better make it work, but balance it without the grandure of making it big. First try making it small. Fisrt analyse where your at, look into the buisness aspect, because once its making money it can go longer... Well I guess it can go forever even without money, for example, I could play guitar on the streets with the homeless forever until I die and they could be my fans and I could be my own fan and that that. Or I can see if I too can get the music done how I hear it in my head. Do not beat yourself up. Every human falls and can get back up. Do not get discourages, even when your random thoughts seem to be the most But I figure that If I pulled it together, analyze and make a plan and remeber I am myself and no one else and my story will never be Phish's story, it will never be NWA's story, it will never be Obama's story, it will be the Pizza T story and to let it be. Try hard, but do not fool yourself. Keep up the hard work and finding people that I can tell honestly, " I wanna tour all next summer, I wanna play all 17 minutes of Terrapin Station, I wanna play Masonik Jam 3, I wanna wanna wanna, AREYOU WITH ME TEAM? And then they answer yea or na.... Then you work from there, you might need to fire and hire, but thats my story. Its weird, its differen't its me! And I love me, I love U2, and you too. Do not be mad for you are not where you think you deserve to be, remember that little kids in Iraq are innocently killed by Americans just so we can have War bases all around Iran. How about putting yourself in the shoes of a five year old girl that has about half a second before a peice of metal rips her face off and dies a dies a slow death that takes about half an hour. What about her? What about that? We have it good. I could die now and I believe I was spoiled rotten. THAK YOU WHAEVER IT IS OUT THERE. I am in love with what you givin me and it hurts that someday I will die, but thats apart of life. And I am thakful that I am breathing as we speak, I am thknful that I even got the chance to rock out for a crowd in my life. Thats what I love. I love the audience connection with the performance. So just let things happen naturally with the combination of hard work and creativety, alongslide a little bit of copying. hats what school is, RE LEARNING what someone had to discover on their own. Can we too discover something to? You might.... My plan now is to keep trying. Its only right to do what you love, as long as you do not get made at the ones that love you for you not getting where you think you should be, because if you think you should be somewhere, then most likely you hould be standing side by side with the little girl in Iraq being killed for oil and power. No one deserves soemthing, we earn something, and even then it can be taken without any notice. Live every breathe with thanks. I too get caught up in the game, but you gotta not be made at yourself for getting caught, just recatch yourself while your fallin and get back to work.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So this is awesome. I am so excited to finally feel a little more unhazey. Its been a long weird year, and I am now ready to wrote a more positive blog here. I know lots has happened in the last year with anything from the band, to having a kid from being in tabloids, its been a rocky weird road. I have experienced things I thought I would never experience. I am stoked. Its like when you finally are like, wtf, "I quit" but not like you really quit, you just decide to quit worrying about if its gonna work, but instead decide your gonna keep trying but not care, and thats because you really do care and you know that worrying about it will kill the thing you love the most, and all you can really do is try your hardest and believe in yourself. And I was so stressed that I stressed myself into a comma one day. I really did. I couldnt even walk through the house. I will not lie, I really want to make music, and thats for reals, I really do not care about fame and fortune. I am more of the type of guy that worries about getting enough resources and means to build an underground village. But I worry about the band a lot. People that know me well or that have dated me know that I am mad crazy passionate for making music. It is who I am and it is what I do. Fuck the idiots on the net. The net is full of fuckheads that wanna drag people down. Those losers are the ones that have time to write mean things. The best thing ever is getting the job done, playing shows and making someone happy for a night, REALLY HAPPY. When we played South Dakota a guy came up to me after the show and said his wife hasn't been this happy in eight years, you guys saved our relationship and that he wants us to sign all the stuff he was gonna buy. It was a great night and it felt like Mission Accomplished. I could of declaired it that night, and I might of in my mind. But it all went sour one dreaful night. The night someone made fun of my BC Roch Mockingbird. Oh no no no, that is a REAL guitar, that is my baby, thats my third in command. Oh shit, that was MINNESOTA, what a shitty time we had. First of all NO ONE WAS THERE, it was freakin empty. I knew as soon as I heard the bands names, Pimp Hand Strong, New Funk Mafia, I knew we were in for trouble. I thought Pimp Hand Strong was a metal band, but they actually turned out to be an awesome jamband with a sick as hell keyboardist. BUt New Funk Mafia was egowhack and didn't have anyone at the show at all. I mean I never have a small turn out in my hometown. This was a joke, and then they didn't even stay becasue they had work. All I gotta say is, don't quit your day job, get a good night sleep budy. Dude swears like he doesn't drink redbull anyway. I say, stay up with the band, let the out of town band play first. Sont stick them with the early slot because you couldnt get anyone to the show. And then we played last for the sound guy, the 89 year old bartender, and one dude with big glasses from Pimp Hand Strong, anf thats it. And we tried to do Stash, and it did not go down how I invisioned it. It went sount to hell. I then I was like jokingly and innocently like, dude, I am way to burnt to play this. I Pizza Q scolded me on stage in fron of the three people. He is no longer in the band. He is the one Pizza memeber that is not allowed back on the boat ever. Never. Pizza OB2 has a better chance and I caught him drinking on the toar Van and hitting on D Kamp's lady friend. It was the wordt moment in my life I was in shock. We tried to play the song again and I fucked it up een worse, I was having one of those diabeticalshut downs in which you are curling up and about to pass out and your really dizzy. And then I said I cant do it and dude scolded me again and jumped off stage yelling at me. I was nice about it, I wanted to kill him, not that I ever would, but I knew that was the start of my animosity towards him. And I really like Pizza Zzz, he is talented fun, happy, youthfull, positive, handsome, and when I saw Pizza Q annoying the shit out of him, it was not good. I then the ultimate, when Pizza Q told me ...... I have to not say cuz this is too much.

But After the tour he did not play Springfest. It was devastating, but I knew in buisness terms and for the future of the art I had to stand strong that day and not let him be in the band even if it ment he would not play the last tour. After the tour a had a few nervous semi breakdowns. But Shannon support and guidence has lead me in the right path. I have quit smoking cigerrets and i fell great. I road my Bike today and just told Pizza Zzz, "Yo, I have not found a bassist, but we shall try, but it doesn't look good at all, but we gotpizaa E for now and until Brundage and I promised him that even if we do find someone before Brundage we we still commit to him playing so we do not leave him in the dust. And I really thought we would still be looking into next year. Then I just went riding my bike and was like, who gives a fuck, if things work they work, if they dont they dont, but at least yout ry damn hard, and bever give up, never ever ever. I then Matt calls me, and we get together, he joins, he is amazing. i will talk more about it tomorrow. But what shall his pizza name be????

Monday, May 12, 2008

What should I do? Thats the big question for me. I really hope KB Smooth moves back to town. Do you think the Mayans knew something about 2012? The oil thingy is getting odd. I really think that people with the power and money either need t do something, or they already are but are not letting the poor in on it. This is what I mean, if a rich person knows what I know about the planets future, then they would already be building sustainable bunkers under ground. Underground has thermal energy, underground rivers and other water sources. The temperture stays a constant tempeture in certain areas underground. And we already have grow lights and drilling technology that makes it very realistic to get underground and have the essential light we need. If we go to War, or if we get let stranded and then a country does to us like we did to Iraq, or even worse - like what the Germans did to the Jews, or even almost worse, like what we did to the Natives, then we are sitting Ducks. What if China did not loan us money for the War? Why are they loaning us money for War? Are they getting some oil out of it too? I like some of the realistic concepts of China like only having one kid, but I do not like how they are loaning us money. I realized the problem wiht loaning money when I got my first credit card when I was 18. ...
Treypac's awake, I will be back later to tell you about my dream/nightmare. Peace

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm doing better. But I went to do a show yesterday with my broher Jeremy. It was cool and kinda small. I quit smoking weed. It's been 3 days. It's hard. Very hard. I try to block the demons then I fail time and time again. It's all good though. Its just my head and my world and this is my blog. I am so tired. So so so tired. I feel the pain, I feel the weight. I worry, A LOT. Like this, the world is soon to hit a crossroad with this energy crisis. You can not have such an ignorant country, state, and leaders. Are we serious? Are we not a hybrids invasive species? Americans are like scotch broom. Whats Scotch Broom???? you ask... It's a non native plant someone brought over from Europe, and now it's taking over killing native plants and poisoning the soil. But who cares? The rich do not give a shit. They care more about helping their image rather than helping some serious issues. Oprah is an expample of America's failure as a society. No one should have that much money. I can not comprehend the amount of money these people have, but then I can comprehend when we see how much money we owe China. If you a person that haas close to a Billion dollars, then you hold a shit ton of Chinas money a our debt. How come you ask? We owe China so much money, so the more money you got, the more you owe China. We all bought your DVD's and Books, and whatever else with Credit. Were does American companies get all this money to loan to us? Its pretty obvious that China wants us to get so in debt that they can make a legitimate excuse to fuck us up. Why would a country with so many poor be able to give every tax paer 600 dollars. HOw come Bush did 9 11. How come Rosie O Donnell is the only celebrity that went public on this issue? What happens when oil is gone? What happens when the world hates us and sees us as an invasive species? Where did all the Natives go? Racheal Corey stood strong. I wish I could dump my stupidity and be strong too. I wish I could build structures under ground. I will continue in the future.= with this rant. PEace

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm mega down now. Never felt this hopeless in years. I'm tired, scared, nervous, heavy anxiety and depressed. I'm freaked. I wish upon a star, I wish upon a dandy lion, I wish I wish I wish. It's like you think it's all good, then you realize it's not all good. What are you to do when you can not talk about what you want to talk about with the one you love the most? What I'm I to do? I just went on tour which was supposed to be awesome. It turned out to be a test on my soul and passion. Ever felt like shit before? A lot of people do feel like shit. So much confusion can drive me crazy. I do not know who to believe on all sorts of weird issues. Like whats up with 9-11? Whats up with Al Gore's movie which showed that we are all gonna die within 5 years? Whats up with War? Whats up with China loaning us money all the time? Whats with being so wasteful? Whats with trying to do the right thing and then finding out that your an egotistical shit head? I love playing music, but thats me loving music.... Does anyone else love it? should I just go back to school? should I quit the nugz, I hate cigarettes but all my friends and loved ones smoke? Are we gonna die from cigs? Am I a bad Dad? should I be tougher and being depressed is me being a bad Dad. Should I always stand strong when I feel like dying? I have a kid so I want to give him a good Dad. So why is it that I fail repeatedly? I thought it was gravy, everything looked so great! We got our first gig with a member of The Grateful Dead and now the band is falling apart.I fired the bass player for all sorts of reasons, and now I am scared. I do not want to fuck up the show I have been dreaming about for years. I missed The Trampled by Turtles show and I still can't get over it. It drives me nuts that we got in a car accident and the tour went down hill. Should I not try anymore? should I try but not overly try? I wish I could just trust everyone in the band to be there for practice and remember the shows. Do they still want to be apart of it? I love Danny Kelly and he too seems to be in a lot of similar situations as myself. I finally found my people, my community int own. So I should be on top of the world, But I feel like the world is on top of me. I wish uopn an email, I wish upon a jam, I wish I wish I wish, I try I try I try! Anyone out there with a heart, please help me. Please. I am desperate to do the right thing in life. I am scared of being gone forever, I am confused. We got this German TV show coming over to talk about an X Girlfriend that I once dated. Its the hardest pill to swallow, the only way I get the band in Magazines and TV is due to an X dating someone. I wish I wasn't so broke and then I could just move on. If I dod not do the last shitty story, which was way misleading, I would be fucked right now. I needed that $5000 just as much as almost all middle class or below Americans. I fell bad, I wish I could of done the right thing, but I am who I am, and sometimes I even get mad at myself and ask myself why!!!???? I wish my Dad was someone I could talk to, or my mom, but I can not, I do not know who to talk to, look at what Im doing now, Im writing a hail mary blog hoping for a miracle. Sorry to everyone i have hurt. Im am truly sad.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So now I'm under fire from opening my big mouth. I swear my words where twisted. It's obvious some horny old dude that was out to write a sleazy story really worked one over on lil Pizza T. But I had no clue that they could just twist what you say. Oh man, never got a heads up on this one. The World News was smart by offering me $5000 right from the start. Lets see here, I'm getting married to the woman of my dreams in July, I'm going on tour in 8 days, and the new album should be in the mail sometime this week. I got a lot going on. I really did move on from the Sarah larson George Clooney bullshit. Then I get called by News of the World, which I never heard of, and they offered me $5000 to talk about a story about Sarah, they wanted to hear sexy stuff, and other stuff. So I avoided the sexy questions as much as I could, and the lady seemed really nice too. She probably is, I mean everyone gots to make money, and why not make money off people that exploit the general public for money through their fame. These actors have up to a billion dollars. So it seems like a fun job to wrote sleazy stories about celebrities, so lets not get too mad here. But I tried to tell them lots of positive stories about her struggles as a woman in the USA, and how woman are discriminated against. BUt they never mentioned that. I wonder if Clooney is stoked I did the article so he can hate me too. I hope not. Who would really trust News of the World. When I talked to E they told me to try to make a buck in britian, then I told him I let them call me, so I could care less. Now I'm in the hot seat with my mother and future wife, which we already had a hippy marraige, so in our eyes we are Husband and Wifey. This Nof the World really madde me out to be some sort of Rock Star pimp. Too funny, far from reality. Its good fantasy though. I'm gonna do a thing on youtube in which I go through the articles and critique them and there truth. That should be fun. ALSO!!!!!!!!! I never pranked called Sarah or George. I too was being pranked emailed was by someone affiliated with Clooney Studios. Their name is Shirlia Azziz. I would never prank call anyone, thats whack. i used to do that in elementary, my friend Rodger Hendrix, which hit Sarah's car in 1996 and denied it, he made prank calles back in High School, but he is a hero in Iraq now. I wonder who did it too. I couldn't be happier for the two of them. Only thing I feel bad about is the sleazy sex story the News of the World wrote. Some say I should sue, I say " Make a youtube video like Rosie O Donnell does and then talk about the facts. The reality without some horny british people writing fantasies. They are more nasty than Huslter, I was in shock. I was also new to this information.

But regardless, I just hope the show with JGB with Melvin Seals goes good. Which I know it will, we have been practicing religiously. It'll be good. if anything this gives me more fight to keep on in the music feild. The reality to me is that I play jamband music. Thats what I love and thats what i've been doing for years. i neve plan on stopping. In my feild it's all about quality music and getting it out there. I love touring and our upcoming tour is excellent. We got 15 shows in 17 days. The last show we are headlining Friday night at the biggest festival in Shelton called Spring Fest. This had nothing to do with my sleazy story, this was due to our quality music. Also, we are playing with Trampled by Turtles, which is held as the next BIG Blue Grass, jamgrass, or whatnot. So I know that its all buisness and that if I did a thousand articles about you know who, my band still would never go anywhere. A band goes places if it goes places, and jamband fans would not like us because I dated Clooney girlfriend, they would like us becasue we are good at playing live and being cute helps too. We got a package now tha is the shit. It is amazing, go to and check it out. Its all about the vision, the fliers, the teamwork and street tewam, the internet, amazing insrumentals, meaningful lyrics, the spirit. And thats something you got or don't got. SO why not make 5 thousand to help with extra costs. We are just in the last 2 years picking up bigger shows. The Z Kamp Express is on its on path regardless, and I feel confident about that, like the feeling I get when Paul McCartney gets when he talks about the Beatles knowing they'd become standards. I do feel bad a little for letting The News of the World going overboard, but I got a plan to make that all better. YOUTUBE....

I love all these nice fans, I love that I was on my path and this whole shit landed in my lap and I decided to do what I did. Now I gotta get ready for the tour, I got Tye Dyes that need prints on them tonight, I got the zine I gotta mail off, I gotta get the Tour Van ready, I gotta take Treypac to the Skate Park.

oh Yeah, Treypac is the real deal. He is famous now. His Youtube Babies for Obama video is blowing up. Same with his Doodlebops the Lost Episode. There home peace

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I really dig getting back to my blog. NOw that Slim Moon and Ben Perrish's brother and the UK tabloids have stopped reading them. Hopefully now only true thugz read this shit. Not they they are not true thugz, but I hope that everyone becomes a true thug. i had a lot I wanted to write in my blog. Here is one thing. So I started recording the album Wheruhjuanuhgo last summer I believe. It was before the tour we did. Though on tour I did not bi=ring any mixes to listen to. Oberon was on tour with us. but I still wonder. My hands are kinda sensitive to the keyboard. Kinda tickelish or some shit. I gotta go for the moment. but I am playing with Daevid Allen tomorrow at the China Clipper in Olympia Washington. High Ceiling is playing a show that night too. they are playing the 4th ave. Good thing the governement printed up all that extra money. I also heard High Ceiling is playing with Heliotroupe at the Eagels, that should be a good show too. I hope to do a Grange show this summer or next year with either of those two bands, but hopefully both. I love them, they are so fun and make me wanna dance and shake my azz. Just got the word that we are playing friday night at Springfest in Shelton. 8pm.... so pimp. But before I really go. The alsum was recorded and not finished till now. But now that I sent it I feel like I could of turned the crash cymbals down in the chorus of Around Da Phire Too. But If I sell all theses I can remix it for printing 2. ok Im hearing my computer radiowaves. ... peace

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So here I am back at my blog. I am happy to have grown and matured a little bit in the past few years. Did I ever tell you that sometimes I can not tell if Im in the after life or not. But then I just say hey, here you are, so just keep goin. Put a smile on and fight back by kicking back. Sometimes I get excited and wanna reach out too much. hat is an opinion that I do not see when I react without thinking of the consequences. but thats the great thing about not being perfect, it adds to the story drama. I do not know if I acknowledged on my blog that I was recently in Star Magazine. NOt as recent as lets say the person that got me it it, but it was a remarkable feet at that. I gotta thank Alex Burton for giving me a story I can talk about for a while. That guy was a real hoot. He was like a New Yorker that would say whatever to hook up the story, but then he would be very blunt too. Time is money and I was just a pie in the oven. It was funny, we talked for hours figuring out the story, I would say something 25 times before we decided what to use. I tried to bring up being in a band with Slim moon but Alex from Star nor anyone else bit into that story. It was fun talking with all the magazines and news stations independent reporters. They would call me up and and some would try to get dirt and some would pretend to wanna help me out too, but its part of the buisness obciously. My parents were not in the industry of showbiz..... or were they??? My grandfolks were the ministers of the Lakewood Open Bible church for over 20 years. And my grandpa preached and my grandma played piano. It was quite fun looking back at it. But back to the story. I only got paid twice from the tabloids. 2000 frfom Star Magazine, and another 2000 from the UK Sun. At the moment in time I did not have the videos out from storage yet, and wasn't sure what I still had. I knew I had the Thomas Jackson movies around somewhere. Which I eventually found. So the media quit buggin me for a while and so did the crazy Stalker which claimed to be George Clooney, then claimed to be his agent, and then claimed to be Rosie O Donnel... well the stalker, they even quit contacting me,/... until the Oscars came around. but let me tell ya something, this country has gotta be in a recession, or people do not dig my ultra hippyness in the tabloids, but I got contacted for a while after the Oscars and The Lady with three titties from the movie Total Recall, she contaced me claiming to be with E, which I found out she does do stuff with them, and she rushed me like the others to send stuff, which I only send very little, and random stuff, and then they got back to me and was like %500 bucks for everything. Well, first of all they wasted my time. But back to the three titty lady from Total Recall, shes a journalist now, besides being Im sure a frequent at Treky conventions due to the pay check, oh yeah she was on Star Trek too, well she interviewed me and I said Id only do the interview if she uded my band name everytime they used my name, and then they used it online which no one could find, then on TV did not say the Z Kamp Express. And his dude taht was like the LA version of ALex Burton.... and let me tell you, all the guy tabloid journalist try to play the buddy buddy thing and they hardly get my inside jokes, but the girls are nice and sound kinda horny to be honest, except the brits, they all sound like Nanny 911. but regarldless, this has been on my mind and I wanted to talk about it for a second. So the LA Alex Burton possibly rushed the 3 titty lady to see what I got, but then Patrick Swazey got cancer and they put my story on hold, then three weeks after I sent the stuff to three titty chic LA Alex said my lighting was shitty in my movie and he'd give me 500 bucks for everything, and that three weeks ago it would of been worth more, and people in Europe pay way more for this stuff. He also said he might not use it, but he really liked this one picture I had. So I thought about it and the free publcity, but then I talked it over with Pizza Nan aka Shannon my mamager and Wifey and she helped bring me to reality. I forgot to mention that I kinda chuckeled when the guy told me that it was worth more money three weeks ago when they were the ones that made me send it three weeks ago. They didn't force me, but I really wanted to get the movie Thomas Jackson on TV, I worked so hard on it back in the day, and puffed some serious nugz while filming. i am way pro-nugget.
So first of all I do not understand contracts enough just to be signing shit for 500 bucks, and they said my lighting was bad. The lighting is freakin great dude. I am gonna put that shit up on youtube for the world. I swear to god they will love it.

So back to the real story

I just completed my latest work yet. Its with my band The Z Kamp Express. Its our new album Wheruhjuanuhgo. Oh man check out the album cover.

Monday, March 24, 2008

So I got this video my homie Eric Cornelius made of the Saint of Everyday Failure. He also made a movie starring ME, Pizza T. I had a dream I was Eddie Shredder the other night. I will talk about that shortly.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Here is some of the work I've been doing with Z Kamp Express.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm back, finally. So I sent this dude and a letter a while back and he never wrote me back. It kinda hurt my feelings. Then I re,e,bered all the times I slacked off writing people back when I worked at Le Voyeur. I was just getting too much lovin towards the end of my career at that fine establishement. Good thing too, cuz treypac was born. So maybe hte guy who wrote the article died and I am emailing his still active email address. Or he could of been arrested for some kinda crime or something. But regardless, I still gotta keep working on my next album Wheruhjuanuhgo. The new team is escellent. I really dig Morgan aka Pizza Q's bass playing. He is fun and can really take a solo. Kyle aka Pizza Zzz is a stage showman to the extreme. He really spunks up the team. He has a good ear and talent for playing a traditional jamband keyboard role. I dont hope anymore to create music that people like, now I work hard to make music my peeps like and if they dont, at least I gave it my all. I am in love with making music on computers. i thought I would end up a reel to reel kid, but I am a PC Sonar junkie. I spent easily 7 hours purely editing audio today. i call it Cosmetic Audio. I could call it Sudio Surgery, but Cosmetic audio gets the pint across and soulds way cooler. Lets face it, we are funny cool creatures. Kinda whitty when we need to be too. I really believe in the idea of trying to survive, but even if our species does we still could end up getting destroyed by... well WHO KNOWS, maybe a radioactive wave will come across to us like a rainbow in the dark. So thats why I work hard on the music too. A lot harder than before. I mean I have worked hard all the way up to now, but now Im getting good and am out of school and focus on it. I gotta go,,... I will be back ....more now that Bare Naked Ladies said that your fanz expect you to blog at least once a week.

To the stalker named Shirlia Azziz, please leave me alone. I am in love with Shannon. She is super hot. Her personalty is great too, she booked Z Kamp's tour and just took a business class for art and music at Evergreen to become our band's manager. She is a pimp. So it was fun talking to you on the net, but you never bought our cd and that was rude. Shannon will pimp slap yo azz.