Monday, September 10, 2007

It's been a while since I blogged here. Most blogs have been at my myspace profile. I kind of stopped blogging here after I got into an email battle with Kurt Cobain's X girlfriends. I think X girlfriends are funny and can get the innocent mixed up in the crossfire. There is new news about George Clooney and Sarah Larson. I promised my babies momma that we will not talk about it anymore. It is true that I played in a band with Slim Moon from KRS, which Slim released Sleater Kinney, Elliott Smith and an actual Nirvana track. I just wanted to state in a quick blog that my X was not just a gogo dancer. No worries though. We all got a lot of work at hand as humans. THe planet is getting hotter, and people are getting weirder. I thikn are genetics are going CRAZY. Now I loved the new Britney Spears performance on the VMAs. I thought she was amazing. I thought she was onto something artistically, I guess she was only onto making me happy. I do not think people on average 'GOT IT.... I thought her hair looked great when she shaved it too. It's like people expect people not to mature, not to try new things. But Britney does try new things, and her lipsyncing was awesome. I was the manager and producer for Eddie Shredder which is Eddie Vedder's long lost son.... at least thats the story behind the Lip Syncing 14 year old rock star. You can watch the movie at Its in there, you'll find it.
I thought I had a brush of fame with my David Hasselholf video on youtube. Yet I'm sure if I was a chick farting into the camera I would of got like 50,ooo hits. I hope everything gets groovy!