Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I saw Deer Hoof today and got a 7". Then I got them all to sign it after the show. I tought the show was good, I thought it had some amazing moments, but I thought it was going to be a little more exciting. Maybe I need some indo to smoke inside the place. I thought the band was good, but they did have a cheap approach with equipment that made some bad sounds then some really good sounds, good sounds that I would also say were crystal clear harmonicly ground breaking with using any effects. The band almost seemed like coopers glen, for a moment it would be super ghetto, like the equipment was all ghetto and you could tell, then they would start rocking all the gear loud and the girl would come in with the vocals and it would all of a sudden be like this loud great band with really great sounding gear that sounded pimp. I felt like I was hearing solid rock from the guitarist at points, but I didn't like his all around flow, unlike the dude from weird war which had a pimp flow the whole time yet never had the super punch harmonic tone as deer hoof, but hey" everyonw is differen't ' RIGHT? They did seem progy at pionts, this one soung sounded a ittle like Phish. The guitarist did a drum muted palm tape along with muted picking for a smare sound. it was cool, sounded a little like Phish's maze. But I fell like cooper's glen or any combintion of sound can come to a point of rocking out and be awesome regardless the quality of the gear. I think the shittiest peice of gear has just as much soul as anythingelse. Eventho' Deer Hoof didn't blow me away, they did influence me and gave me some really cool new concepts and ideas. Very inspirational. I can see them getting wilder as the years go on. The guitar player after the show said he found his guitar amp in like some winter road somewher? It sounded great, he also palyed a gibson Les Paul studio I think. I told him he should get a BC Rich Mockingbird. They go to show that you can make crappy gear rock if you know how to rock it. I saw bird and Crazy Coop at the shows. They are pretty cool. The Copers of Bedlam show is gonna rock. PS Stonecrop is whack.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

I went to the Mint Hill, VCR, and the Nerve show last night. Only stayed to see Angela's Mint Hill project, which was really good. This chic was at the Voyeur trying to pressure Angela to start before 11 o' clock. This lady was really putting a stressfull vibe on the night, she would keep saying "you need to start, shows need to start when the bar is full, I've been to 10 shows here and I know that you show needs to start now and the bar tender is getting pissed and wants the show to start now or she'll cut the other bands off because there won't be enough time." Ironiclly, or maybe just rude and ignorant, she wasn't even staying to see the bands, she was just stressing Angela out, she was trying to make Angels feel like she didn't know what she was doing and that she was going to ruin the night. Good thing I was there. This bitchy lady had no clue who I was, and I heard her bitching and stressing Angela out, so I butted and asked her what the problem was, then she was trying to preach that this show needs to start now, its ridiculous that Angels won't start now, she gonna piss the bar tenders of............blah blah bla. Thats when I told her what was up, I told her that I've actually have put on
over 50 shows that I've played at at the Voyeur, and that the shows shes talking about(shows that go over time) are when there is 4 to 5 bands playing and each bands set is 45 and there set up takes a half hour, Angelas set was already set up and her playing time was only 15 minutes, and the other bands stuff was already set up too and their playing time was a half hour, and same with the last band, and then I said why would you want to stress Angela out? She should feel like a Princes at that moment because she put on this show at the Voyeur that brought in a shit load of people and money. We should make sure she is having a good time and ready to rock for us, Angela is smart, she wouldn't make the show run over time, and if she did it still doesn't matter because it's her show and I told her she was in charge, so thats when I let the dumb bich know that I am the booking agent for the Voyeur and Angela can start the show whenever she wants, I pretty much told the other girl to chill out and mind her own buisness, who the fuck does she think she is? The girl was being an ass and trying to start drama, Angela is the one that found all the bands, Angels is the one that put up flyers, DO NOT BE MEAN TO HER, just because your a bar tender or freinds witht he bar tender doesn't mean you operate the show or have the right to boss people around. I also explained to her to be nice to Angela becau Angela is a personal freind of mine that really loves the Olympia music scene. So Angela was happy that I came to her side when evil people tried to stop the happy rock mission. And sure enough her show went great. I hate when people are like " I know it's gonna go too long because I've been to 10 shows here and some of them went over in time," WHO FUCKING CARES, THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS SHOW!!!!!! Angela was very smart to start the show at 11 because then the show would end by 1:15 maybe 1:30 and that keeps people buying drinks later. I think Voyeur employees sometime forget who makes them money, or how the voyeur can put food on all it's employees table. Especially since the bands don't get paid shit but a 5$ beer tab. And I've put in tons of work for the Voyeur. I've been to 100s of show at the Voyeur, so you can't fuck with me.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Potter, Williams and Zoe are at my house right now. They are really cool, I hope they like to kick it even when they get older. Ian and Sean are also here, but the first trio left. I realized yesterday that the Rang Dong shows were written wrong in the Rang Dong calander, but I fixed them. I sure can be bad with dates sometimes. I have heartburn a little lately. Cooper's of Bedlam is now official, it contains members Cooper's Glen and Vessels of Bedlam. So far it's Ben, Me, Cody and possibly Emmit. I think that Space Gnome records needs to chill, they are way too corporate for Olympia. I'm making Tombstone Brickstyle Pizza right now. I love Pizza and all my bands. I think A-Kamp is good, but my band The Punks are really because it contains key rockstars members like Slim MOon. I think he would probably kick me out if he knew me better, or actually he might like me more, we don't really talk much, we just discuss the songs then rock out. Slim Moon is semi famous because he owns Kill Rock Stars and was pals with Kurdt Cobain. I think Courtney Love should play Le Voyeur to promote her new album. I think playing a shit hole in Olympia and Courtney beating up a local indie rock chic that shes' jealous of would help her career if she told MTV to be on the scene.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

So I gave my brother an A-Kamp shirt for his birthday. Flowmotion seem to be nice. I hope Chris from Stone Crop will stop slandering A-Kamp and my name around town. But I really don't care too much, he's probably jealous of my beefyness. Today I'm setting up the recording studio at LARSTAFARI's gas station, the album should revolutionize the planet. We might as well stop now before we start the next communist empire. AE is playing with us at the RANG DONG. Too bad it's gonna be called Mckinzies soon.

Friday, February 13, 2004

I played a show today. It rocked the hell out of me. I fucking kcked a goat in the throat. A-Kamp is bad ass and is almost like the Gratefuldead meets the Misfits. I will destroy Stonecrop. Tugboat Annie's was pimp, and I danced the night away like Van Halen in the 80's while doing coke.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

This is it dudes, my first official blog. It's a dairy of T. Thats me, and I'll lead you to the un promised theories of a G'.