Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holy Fuckin Cow Man. I really started this blog 6 years ago??? My god. I still am amazed that not even spammers will follow my blog. I thought by now at least one person would. But obviously not. And why should this even deserve a thought....?? I mean I could get way negative and let this blog solidify my loserness. Though besides me being an anal cunt over my self obsession to be heard.... I have NOTHING to be that pissed about. I mean I am one lucky duck even if I feel like god just took a juicy shit on me naked body. So I had to rant because I get so upset I do not know what to do.... I know what to do when I can calm down, but in the current moment of unbliss I can only make anti-thoughtful thoughts. Well at least everyone can see the real me...?? Or is that the real me? Not sure...

So I am kinda not so upset now and I feel better now that I am pass x mas. I got so pissed I resorted to posting a hateful post on facebook. I really do hate those fuckers a KRS for being who they are. Which I should just move on and just not give it thought.... But since someone I met selling tapes dorm to dorm starting workling for them our friendship vanished... actually it just turned into a myspace, then facebook friendship. Which I hate facebook. Well I like it, but I hate it like i hated school. Its like I fucking dropped out and moved on. Why did I get excited to be friends with someone that last time I saw tried to punk me??? I mean really??? I was wasted drunk and only 14 or 15 and I was eyes closed, sitting down, about to puke, and all my guy friends kept giving me wedgies. So I told myself just swing at the next wedgie, which I did and I knicked a girl cheerleader on the chin. I also, took a nasty shit in her house right after that, because she knew like everyone there that I was wasted and that I did not go and knowingly punch a girl. I realized while pulling my underwear out of my ass that I knicked not one of my shitty guy friends but a cheerleader... I was super apologetic and was about to shit my pants and she let me stumble into her house to shit. It was nasty, one that I wish I could of stayed on the toilet longer for, but since her moms was coming home or came home or whatever did happen, I was rushed out... But then football jock comes and pushes me for punching a girl. He was real rude about it too. So why would I be friends with him online and fucking facebook? Why does this motherfucker even want to be friends with me??? I thought he thought I was the girl puncher...???
So you see where Im getting at??? ITS PATHETIC!!! And I know it.... So what should I do.... even writing this makes me want to go delete a whole slew of fuckers like I did to all my God Fearing Republican relatives. And why am I typing this??? I think it is therapeutic. So this dude I met in college when I was selling TAPES... which are now WAY FUCKING COOL... oh fuck, maybe it was a cd and that why are relationship is fucked??? Or maybe its because some people hate Dead Heads and are very proud about it. Well mutherfuckers.. I did meet Kurt Cobain and I was dressed like a FUCKING HIPPY.... And he liked me... Maybe he wanted to fuck me... but that means he liked to fuck 14 year old boy dead heads which would explain why he put his penis in Courtney Love. To me this shit is hilarious for a moment, then very very sad...
I wish for me what I wish for you.... Or do I? Am I just like what my design for survival is? So I just really get to a point where I realize that I am not friends with most people on facebook or PDX and I just gotta get over it and move on.
It's hard because I care so much about these people and I wanted to grow old with these people, but they just only wanna grow old on facebook with me, ANOTHER ASSUMPTION, but all in all I gotta be mature and just do my thang.
There loss right? I mean why tun down a friend? Whats with the cool kid contest. Maybe I am over it because God super blessed me with coolness at a young age considering how square my parents were. I hated the cool game, FUCK IT. I'd rather be friends with Denny Burpee and Crazy Coop ANYDAY over someone that would choose not to be your friend or deny your friendship when put in front of someone they deem cooler than you. Fuck that shit to hell in the ass.

So I did take down my super hateful facebook post and just moved on. It's funny because the football dude that pushed me was way supportive in my negativity.

So my real shit I want to talk about is this
Fucking shit dude.... Seriously.
Fuck all ya'll
I gotta go get on dat money.

I want to thank my friends Matt Friedly, Ian Clements, and my brother. Real G's People that do not turn there back on a homie. Not even for money... Maybe for there kids, but not for anything whack. Kids first.
Also, How did Anne Frank get a ballpoint pen?
Is this like asking "wheres Obama's Birth certificate?"
Did genocide not happen recently in Africa? Did we not kill innocent children with drone attakcs. And how pussy is it to kill with a machine?
Did we not drop a Nuke on Japan?
Fuck all ya'll smart fucks.
I just want to dance, and Im gonna show you how!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 03, 2010

King of the Kong gets an A for Mr. Awesome. To me Mr. Awesome is one of the funnest true Americans ever. He already killed Osama on Missle Command.
It's possible Adam's Market downtown is the shittiet buisness in all of Olympia. I believe they hate Americans and America. Something is not right at that store