Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fuck. I get in trouble 4 stupid shit all the time. My wife is clever. So the Safey Thin Crust Carlic Chicken Pizza is great if you like raw onions. Too much 4me

Running Water

My friend AE made this in a serious moment in time. It's so amazing. Love to the AMazing Alex Wilson.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

IT'S Finally 2011. Will we all die soon? Answer- YES. My New Years resolution is to not get upset over the little things. Let the art take center stage in my life. Family always is backstage and center and audience. Goal- Keep a straight mind and work hard to make family proud.
Since I can never remember what I did the year before I decided to document my awesome New Years of 2010 going into 2011.
What I did was sit next to the bed while Shannon and Alaijah slept and I worked on my song Sustainuhdomez. At first I was getting depressed and sad because it was not going good, but I kept working because I know I gotta keep working and editing and eventually something will happen.... and it did. At 10 Alaijah was asleep while Shannon took a bath. I was working on the music and getting emo because it was sounding less than epic or good. And that kinda stress gives me anxiety which leads to Acid flashbacks and bad vibes. Alaijah woke up about 10:30 and I had to stop. Which was good because her smile made me happy and I always feel better when I can tend to others needs. Helped get out of my rut. Then I realized I gotta take a different approach when I go to edit when she goes back to sleep. So Shannon got out the bath and the baby quickly went to sleep in my arms. I laid her down with Shannon while she watched hella funny tosh.o. I got back on the laptop and started to work. At midnight I had a BREAKTHROUGH. I was able to use the Skok show as samples for Sustainuhdomez in which it sounded amazing. it was like the best live show meets hard core modren studio work. Its literally AMAZING. So good. It was the best New Years present from the gods in all history. Which is great because this song is about surviving the future in whatever it brings. I didn't deserve the blessing as much as the song. AWESOME!!!!