Friday, February 27, 2009

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So is been a while. I have to get into the swing of things. Prioritize is a word that has lawsys bounced back and forth in my skull. Life is like that... you hear somthing frorm someone that could be a genius or an idiot yet says something that just sticks in your mind. My buddy Mark Horner from Kent, WA always, "You gotta PRIORITIZE" or "Prioritization is key"... I try to prioritize everything, and then I forget or do not take into the account to prioritize my blog. Sorry everyone in blogger world thats been waiting for more Pizza T blogger goodness.
So I prioritize thing that need prioritization within them. I need to prioritize my family and my work over other things, like writing a silly self indulgent blog. So off I go without justifying something almost not worth justifying..
My Grandma Fay Elizabeth Boren Mckaughan passed away last week and the funeral was Monday Feb 24th. 2009. I spoke at her funeral along with Kenneth the preacher boy of a preacher boy, my dad Don Wayne Mckaughan and brother Justin Don Mckaughan. I never realized how weir my dad's name is until now. It just seems odd right at this second. Don... I guess its not that uncommon or weird. There is Dawn for girls and Donald or Don for boys. I am not sure if I ever knew any one else named Don besides Don Hooker my uncle and his son which I always called Donny. I knew girls named Dawn. They dressed my dad up as a girl when he was a baby. I think my grandma got a kick out of dressing her little special baby boy up as a girl. Has anyone ever heard of the name Panzy? My Grandma had a friend named Panzy.
She was at the funeral. The funeral was so awesome... and that might sound weird because funerals are sad and someone you loved is dead. But a sad funeral is a funeral in which no one goes, or no one can go because that someone is missing. Or a fight at a funeral... Lots of bad stuff could happen at a funeral, the only thing I can think of that went wrong was someone out of the huge crowd cell phone went off. I will never forget that dang tone. but I thought it was funny and real fitting for this amazing woman. She lived to see the first black president, Phish's Reunion, in which she had a Phish magnet on her fridge since 95 Phish tour, she saw women rights to vote, all sorts of stuff, Pearl Harbor and 9-11. She also seen lots of Wheel of Fortune. I always loved going to her house, and that's why I went there. If I didn't like the place I would never go. I especially wouldn't go if I didn't like the person.... and I loved Grandma.... She was the best ever... She loved her dog and all her kids so so so much. I was always a little jealous that I wasn't her kid. I think she would of been an awesome mom, besides having to go to church all the time... I just liked her and her personality. I know I am kinda weird and I am a lot differen't than my Grandma Fay but also a lot alike. People being differen't is good in my opinion. I am a weird hippy dude... but as I got to know her throughout the years I got to know the perfect simple yet complex person ever. She took care of herself for 93 years. I'm sure when she was staying at Canova's at her last days she was still doing something... but I hope she got to just chill at the end.... Seemed as if she did. I heard she kindly passed away in a recliner. She and her husband of many years loved chillin in there recliners. I think she was way religious due to the times and who she was with as a husband. I come from a preacher family... two preacher families combined and I also come from a divorced family and I have seen the evil inside out and outside in ind flipped from one way to another just in the observation of my parents and what how they would say and raise us to think one way and how they couldn't keep up to that standard they drilled into our minds. BUt thats the path that happens and not everyone finds love that works. Grandma sure did and I can only believe I do now. Believing, having confidence, and ard work is my "words of wisdom" I male a plan, I keep it real and say what I think, and I am on a war path to do what I believe and I believe I can only achieve it through the art of music. And its a little more complex. I will hopefully find time to blog about this all later, especially since I have a one track mind and the path will stay.... until next time.

And a big shout out to anyone that is trying to do good.... If its helping an old lady have a friend, or if it's going to other countries to see where help is needed.... Good work and keep it up. If you can find a way to make yourself useful... DO IT. If your famous and you can moderate between world leaders, thank you, if your a big guy and you can help a little guy from getting picked on, then THANK YOU! Keep up the love and good work. Remember that love spreads too.