Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So now I'm under fire from opening my big mouth. I swear my words where twisted. It's obvious some horny old dude that was out to write a sleazy story really worked one over on lil Pizza T. But I had no clue that they could just twist what you say. Oh man, never got a heads up on this one. The World News was smart by offering me $5000 right from the start. Lets see here, I'm getting married to the woman of my dreams in July, I'm going on tour in 8 days, and the new album should be in the mail sometime this week. I got a lot going on. I really did move on from the Sarah larson George Clooney bullshit. Then I get called by News of the World, which I never heard of, and they offered me $5000 to talk about a story about Sarah, they wanted to hear sexy stuff, and other stuff. So I avoided the sexy questions as much as I could, and the lady seemed really nice too. She probably is, I mean everyone gots to make money, and why not make money off people that exploit the general public for money through their fame. These actors have up to a billion dollars. So it seems like a fun job to wrote sleazy stories about celebrities, so lets not get too mad here. But I tried to tell them lots of positive stories about her struggles as a woman in the USA, and how woman are discriminated against. BUt they never mentioned that. I wonder if Clooney is stoked I did the article so he can hate me too. I hope not. Who would really trust News of the World. When I talked to E they told me to try to make a buck in britian, then I told him I let them call me, so I could care less. Now I'm in the hot seat with my mother and future wife, which we already had a hippy marraige, so in our eyes we are Husband and Wifey. This Nof the World really madde me out to be some sort of Rock Star pimp. Too funny, far from reality. Its good fantasy though. I'm gonna do a thing on youtube in which I go through the articles and critique them and there truth. That should be fun. ALSO!!!!!!!!! I never pranked called Sarah or George. I too was being pranked emailed was by someone affiliated with Clooney Studios. Their name is Shirlia Azziz. I would never prank call anyone, thats whack. i used to do that in elementary, my friend Rodger Hendrix, which hit Sarah's car in 1996 and denied it, he made prank calles back in High School, but he is a hero in Iraq now. I wonder who did it too. I couldn't be happier for the two of them. Only thing I feel bad about is the sleazy sex story the News of the World wrote. Some say I should sue, I say " Make a youtube video like Rosie O Donnell does and then talk about the facts. The reality without some horny british people writing fantasies. They are more nasty than Huslter, I was in shock. I was also new to this information.

But regardless, I just hope the show with JGB with Melvin Seals goes good. Which I know it will, we have been practicing religiously. It'll be good. if anything this gives me more fight to keep on in the music feild. The reality to me is that I play jamband music. Thats what I love and thats what i've been doing for years. i neve plan on stopping. In my feild it's all about quality music and getting it out there. I love touring and our upcoming tour is excellent. We got 15 shows in 17 days. The last show we are headlining Friday night at the biggest festival in Shelton called Spring Fest. This had nothing to do with my sleazy story, this was due to our quality music. Also, we are playing with Trampled by Turtles, which is held as the next BIG Blue Grass, jamgrass, or whatnot. So I know that its all buisness and that if I did a thousand articles about you know who, my band still would never go anywhere. A band goes places if it goes places, and jamband fans would not like us because I dated Clooney girlfriend, they would like us becasue we are good at playing live and being cute helps too. We got a package now tha is the shit. It is amazing, go to and check it out. Its all about the vision, the fliers, the teamwork and street tewam, the internet, amazing insrumentals, meaningful lyrics, the spirit. And thats something you got or don't got. SO why not make 5 thousand to help with extra costs. We are just in the last 2 years picking up bigger shows. The Z Kamp Express is on its on path regardless, and I feel confident about that, like the feeling I get when Paul McCartney gets when he talks about the Beatles knowing they'd become standards. I do feel bad a little for letting The News of the World going overboard, but I got a plan to make that all better. YOUTUBE....

I love all these nice fans, I love that I was on my path and this whole shit landed in my lap and I decided to do what I did. Now I gotta get ready for the tour, I got Tye Dyes that need prints on them tonight, I got the zine I gotta mail off, I gotta get the Tour Van ready, I gotta take Treypac to the Skate Park.

oh Yeah, Treypac is the real deal. He is famous now. His Youtube Babies for Obama video is blowing up. Same with his Doodlebops the Lost Episode. There home peace