Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So its been a wild ride. I've been smokin some cigerettes. I am at my radio show. I am with KB Smooth. The other day dick cheney shot his homeslice in the face and chest and tried to play it off. Oh well. i heard he has a pellet in his heart. Forgive my spelling. so I guess my blog did turn into Dennis Driscollssss. i hoep life keeps goin great. I have a kid now. My blog probably makes no sence.... welll Kool Keith is playing tomoroww at the bar code. My kid treypac is da shiznit. he is so cool. He loves to sit on my shoulders and peep out the house. i8 thiknn he likes the gratefuldead too. He plays the drumz with me. KB Smooth and the rest of our band Pizza T's Z akmp Experience Reocrded our first song and it is da shit. Go to www.msypace.com/zkamp and peep out Ain't nothin!!!!!!!!!!!