Sunday, October 16, 2005

so I will be having a baby on Dec 23rdish and oh is it weird. Some would say it would of happened with anyone but it happened with Shannon. My ex girlfriend predicted it, but hey, whatever. Shannon really liked me a passion took over logic and we had sex all the time and then we had a kid. It is weird and unplanned, but what is life if everything is planned out? We wil see where the future takes me. I am kinda poor at this moment but I feel like I will be on the up n up soon. I have put together a benefit for Free Radio Olympia and it should be a success. How do I feel right now? I guess weird happy confused and tottally confident with my future. Politics drive me crazy yet I always think about it. I guess thats a sign of me getting older. And why is Rush Limbaugh such a fucking idiot?