Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jason Aldean sucks a fucking cock

With shit on it I might add. I fucking think dude sucks. I am at a bar and these fucking hillbilly hiphop freaks are fucking hounding me to play this garbage. It sounds like bad GnR with a shitty hillbilly singer with a dick in his throat. Fuck shit fuck. The bar tender is even bugging the shit outta me. This isn't her personal jukebox time. And I don't need ger reminding me to that guys at the bar want to have anal sex with Jason Aldean. I GET IT FUCKFACE. God damnit. I have played him 4 times and have more in the play list. These rednecks sniffed out that I am here for the money and I actually hate most country. Well not really but kinda. Dude was like COREY SMITH and I was like WHAT SONG and he was like YOU KNOW knowing I don't know. I thought he was gonna punch me.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Archived -I f****** suck dick at blogging

I can give a f*** I'm going to try to push push this stupid ass speak now thing to f*** in Brink I swear to f****** god on what the f***** up with my life and why my life is such a f****** chaotic f****** pala f****** horse s*** constantly yeah I have a lot of the Irish and curse of the English man what the f*** is wrong with the f*** is going on f*** me to f****** hell I f****** hate this stupid f****** blog I hate how nobody f****** read it nobody gives a f****** all this stupid f****** block ever done has got me into trouble with people and got people hate me even more than I already f****** do you f*** blogging like the way I blog I am a f****** god damn f****** pile of f****** s*** blogger what the f*** I would like to like to find a way to plug without having to be such a f****** b******* ass to compile a f****** s*** finally I'm making some money on YouTube but not getting any subscribers I am not doing much like I just have so many f****** god damn videos that a generation money I'm such a f****** worthless pile of s*** I can't come up with anything f****** creative are good that would hurt people the f****** have anything to do with me for the nice need our help me make money at al

So now what am I supposed to do I don't f****** know I'm going to sit down and make a game plan and try to get positive and focused and on a game plan if not being such a f****** pile of s*** that is expecting people to like me because I have to send in my heart that was it called when people feel like there something off to them Abbas in titled meant because I'm a spoiled rotten piece of s*** American that never had to f****** s*** is life except f****** complain when all I have is f****** ugh awesome AT&T I have a lotta love you think about my life lot of opportunities allied you somehow f*** it up yeah I was on CNN the other day who is a f****** s*** yeah girl I used to date a George Clooney to get a f****** I swear to f****** god I need a f****** god damn mother f****** miracle right the f*** now quick the economy sucks dick I have 3 kids I'm f****** crazy from all the f****** LSD a f****** took I f****** swear to God I wanted to make medical marijuana a f****** we golfing in Illinois cuz I had to come out Illinois I'm such a f****** polish it I ended up going to a f****** assistant somehow getting a god damn handjob from a f****** idiot from an idiot asian f****** hooker how does this s*** happens in my life f****** fell apart it sucks dick I f****** hate it what the mother f****** f****** c*** sucking b**** hoe f*** need f****** help now I live out your f****** Illinois and get shootout at least once a day by my wife and get laid maybe once a month if I'm lucky

8 years of unsuccessful blogging

Or somebody made me so upset I get on here to talk s*** about them and that's just the reality of my blog and probably why my blog suck so much donkey dick oh well now I have to make as much money as f****** possible because life is eating up all my f****** money in this country does not give a f*** about artist especially artist the just don't get it

So I started a blog in 2004 so far it has been a very unsuccessful blog why is this ? I just don't understand why after 8 years basically to subscribers and generated like no money from this thing I guess suck at blogging maybe 1 day I'll be come a great blogger I use this blog more left very upset like my wife leaving me.