Wednesday, June 04, 2014

- Up in the Air - Official Music Video by Pizza T and Danny Kelly "Z-Kamp"

I worked super hard on this video. It is a dream come true to have Danny Kelly, Micheal T Mercker, Jay Blakesburg and so many others came together to make this music video happen. I truly believe this is the best music of 2014. This video defines what Z-Kamp has become. My life has been in many spirals as you might find if you read this blog, but lately my life is all rainbows and kisses. I am so happy and have so much energy and health to spread through out whatever this thing is. Maybe it's the universe or maybe it's all some sort of dream within a dream of thoughts collect through infinity.

Rachel Corrie died over ten years ago and I told the Rachel Corrie Foundation in Olympia during the Occupy Olympia period in 2011 that I would DO SOMETHING. And this is one of the things I did. Stand up! Use art to speak! Speak loud and help spread the words and wisdom and knowledge of TRUTH!

Love ya

Keep Try Try Trying

Pizza T

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pretty cool

Beautiful custom Grateful Dead Glass Dancing Bears:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014 and I'm still blogging about stupid awesome shit!

Fuck yeah. Life is good.  I'm bousta enter a new chapter in my career and in my family. It's goid. Straight As by Treypac in the first grade, the girls including wife are happy, and Illinois is ok. Shannon is gonna set me up a Pizza T tour in August. So I gotta reinvent my act. It'll be hard and fun work....kinda like sexual activity. Check out my new music before it hits the mainstream. ...Click here