Thursday, May 12, 2016

Aimlessly by STS9 meets NASA STS-9 music video mashup by PHRIENDZ#

If your into jamband music and want something weird and old and new >>Well then this might be for you. We took a classic STS9 song and some classic STS-9 NASA launch and landing footage and put them together in a music mashup video. Mad props goes to Sound Tribe Sector 9 for writing this epic song and to every member of STS-9 that had the balls to go that high into space. The bands called Phriendz and we are based out of Sonoma/ Sactown area.

check out my band's website for show dates and other stuff. Keep it real and if you care to donate to Phriendz we love bitcoins. Here is our bitcoin wallet 1LR8yMhzp6ZBEkspWKBM4gzz4zsdhrPQDb