Tuesday, March 01, 2016

RU Sirius teams up with Phriendz to remix a 1982 treasure of a track!

So it's been a long time since I dissed on Slim Moon and hurt the feelings of Kurt Cobain's x girlfriends. I was just young and dumb and sometimes numb, and a lot of time on lsd. It's time it's time it's TIME my friends. I usually only blog when shit hits the fan and my life be sucking hellza bad. But today is not that day. Today I blog in the opposite matter. I said sorry to the ones I hurt many times many years ago and now I am a full new person regenerated with new cells. So five years ago I was like HOLY SHIT I can't believe I am 32 and I am moving to Illinois away from my comfort home turf. But regardless of all the fear of moving I had to move to be by my family. Not just by my family but one with my family. Nothing in my life would ever feel right if I proceeded without them. So I moved to a little town called Belvidere Illinois and became a wedding DJ and substitute teacher. I still kept the music alive by bringing my laptop to the schools to work on my art while on my breaks when subbing. I started bringing my guitar to school to play for the kids. This is when I found my voice. This is also where I found my technique to control an audience. Also, I found tons of resources to make big pieces of art while at the schools on my break times. Us subs know break times as planning periods. Moving to Illinois seemed scary and possibly a way to loose myself and all my art and hardwork in creating an audience. But what happened was the opposite. I became a better guitarist, a better drawer, a better web designer, a better father, a better youtuber, a better video editor and a better person. I also got to be back in school and studying with the youth of American nearly 5 days a week. It was like payback for all the times I didn't pay attention or cheated on a tst. Now I had to know because I was the person teaching it to the youth of America. WHAT I DISCOVERED WHILE SUBBING AND LEARNING WILL DISTURB THE SHIT OUT OF MOST PEOPLE. But I am the secret, YOU ARE THE SECRET. ENERGY IS REAL. I digress. I will talk more about the things I learned as a teacher in later days. BUT FOR NOW! LISTEN UP! Phriendz was asked by RU SIRIUS to work on a remix.... here is some info song title - President Mussolini Makes The Planes Run On Time Originally recorded by Party Dogs/R.U. Sirius, Rochester New York 1982 Remix by Phriendz 2016 Original lyrics by Ken Goffman aka R.U. Sirius Music by Matt Sabo/Party Dogs So I ended up in California and started a band with Ghetto Lot Kids artist Ed. We even started the bands Phriendz together. It's been so cool. We have played some awesome shows and festivals and got asked to do this remix and we haven't been a band longer than 6 months I believe. We have been in the designing stage for over a year. But now it is getting real. Enjoy this link https://soundcloud.com/r-u-sirius-802632979/president-mussolini-makes-the-planes-run-on-time-phriendz-remixi And check out phriendz to at http://phriendz.band I promise to write a long rant in the near future. But I will rant just a bit longer. So many people cross our paths. One that crossed my path was Benny P. He does a tape label out of pdx and is super cool. He comes to most my Portland shows. I bring him up because he was in Eddie Shredder and is important to me like Jesus is important to a Bible Thumper. But we grow old, we find our paths and we cross and weave like a blanket made for xmas day. Love ya all 4eva!