Wednesday, March 24, 2004

That was bullshhit, it didn't work, --I would tell you what I'm up to, but you should be able to figure it out on your own, I'm taking over the world. Go to the RANG DONG- Scream Club with A-Kamp at Hell's Kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!
I swear that Phish and the whole world will eventually read this blog about the #1 jambnd rock OG ever of all time tryin to rock A-KAmp to the next star trek level in which jambase will be stoked to smoke weed. That was jsut a test, I'll be back!

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm really excited to anouce that Alex Perrish is a punk, he might as well join the Punks, he's always hated me since the 1st Cooper's Glen perfomance. Ben almost commited suicide because Alex insulted our performance. I had butt sex with Ben to make him feel better. I don't hate Slim anymore, or really ever did, I was jealous that I'm not as cool as him, syke, I don't give uh fuck, syke again, syke triple beam. I'm switching blog site's, I'm gonna use the one Larstafari uses. I was drunk or something when I wrote my last blog, no one should take me seriously, or you just suck, I'm skiztophranic multi personality maybe a little, or maybe I'm just trippin. I once stabbed my roomate, but he was trying to kill me. I'm lucky to be alive, I once walked into a random house while I was in my boxers and started watching TV. Fuck the Punks, it was cool while it lasted, but I need all the time to focus on my other shit, it kinda worked out netter for me. It was too like Cooper's Glen anyways, at least the sound quality and skill level that is. The compisition aspects was only fun for the musical game type challenge, but we do plenty of that shit in A-Kamp, and dabble with math music myself every here and dare. Fuck the Punks because they kick me out then ask to use my PA, damn, thats oly scene\sters for you. lol I don't give uh fuck. Duck Hugger wants his bike seat back, I'm gonna try to call him tomorrow, I told him I had his bike seat, he must of forgot because the message he left on my ansewring machine sounded like he had little clue that I had it, but kinda did, but he just talked and talked but wouldn't just say give me my fucking bike seat back, I don't give uh fuck. A-Kamp got excepted or picked or whatever for the LEs Schwab And The Olympian Newspaper OLYROCK compilation, A-Kamp along with I think 11 other local bands got picked from a list of over 70 submissions. They picked stalgtites from the Mikey Poo session in the summer of 2002, right around the time released live at the right time which Beeny P and I made an album cover, Benny P drew the pics and I did the digital placement. I'm very happy that A-kamp is still together and rocking out. Everytime we practice, which thankfully has been alot lately, we sound better and better. We started recording a few days ago, I have some ideas and plans for some really rockin shit. I can't wait to keep making comps to play. GO TO THE RQANG DONG SHOW THIS FRIDAY OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thursday, March 18, 2004

I talked to Dudtin Davis with instant messenger, he is kinda weird but cool. I went to Round Table Pizza Buffet. The A-Kamp album has finally started, it only too 6 years. Slim Moon is a bitch, he kicked me out the Punks so he could have butt sex with the stupid intern girls. SLim is a horrible musician anyways, with played out ideas. He's lucky I don't sue him for sucking dick. But he's still cool, I hope he has fun sucking dick, I still love him and the Punks, I guess it's good that I left the band at the peak. Slim knew if I stayed at Kill any longer I would end up owning the place.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

I love the Rang Dong, I was smoking weed in the bathroom, then Tong got mad and blammed this kif\d that was having his birthday party. It was awesome. I swear that my new Cooper's of Bedlam is rad. I will smoke weed everday for fun. My blog is #1. I think Bird is gonna get me tripped out. That would be fun. I think Shanti Groove is gonna play with us at Le Voyeur. That should go good. F\Debo is gonna play too. I love weed, boobs, and guitars. Money works too. Ihope Leon House plays good at the Rang Dong. WHy are the Rang Dong bitches #1.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

It's bee a week since I've been to my Blog, I don't want my blog to turn into Dennis Driscol, which hasn't been updated for years. Good thing I've been going to the shows at the Voyeur lately. I booked 2 bands with the same name on accident. One was a 2 peice grungy type group and the other was a 3 peice rap group from Nebraska, both called Max Fischer, you know!!! Max Fischer from Rushmore. I don't understand why the Max Fischer from Seattle brought their PA, first of all the Voyeur has a PA and they've played the Voyeur so should know that by now, and they brought their own PA, which was a stupid idea. Everyband wanted to use it, which made them have to stay hella Late. One Nation Undereducated was invited by me to play, and due to the mix up had to play a shorter set, but I don't know where they get off thinking that should be awarded a 2 hour slot to play. I think bands should play no longer than 45 minutes at the Voyeur. I couldn't beleive ONU was trying to make the bands from Nebraske, which orginally booked the show, that they couldn't play their 25 minute sets because their set required at least 1:30. To me, i was slightly imbarresed by my ONU's attitude. It reminded me of Stonecrop. And no offence, but no one was really there to see ONU exept the big lot girls Lars and I and ae. It was more or les, no, just more, that Matt Freidly kept whining. like it really fucking matters, why should anyone bend backwards for an asshole, which he was being that night. He kept bitching that I always double book show, NOT TRUE! It only happens every once in a while, and it's usually not my fault. But we are friends, at least I thought, why get mad at your friend for making an honest mistake? I mean, just play a shorter set and be happy. I like Jeremy and Tracy, Jeremy was being very polite and understanding, Tracy was being semi understanding, Matt was being a flat out asshole to everyone. He makes me wish I didn't set up the show at the Rang Dong with ONU. But taking my own advice I know that I will just keep the happiness going and shows always have the chance to redeem themselves at the next show. It's too bad that ONU made everything difficult the other night. I don't know hwo died and made them Rock God. I hope they don't trip at the next show. But who cares.