Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holy Fuckin Cow Man. I really started this blog 6 years ago??? My god. I still am amazed that not even spammers will follow my blog. I thought by now at least one person would. But obviously not. And why should this even deserve a thought....?? I mean I could get way negative and let this blog solidify my loserness. Though besides me being an anal cunt over my self obsession to be heard.... I have NOTHING to be that pissed about. I mean I am one lucky duck even if I feel like god just took a juicy shit on me naked body. So I had to rant because I get so upset I do not know what to do.... I know what to do when I can calm down, but in the current moment of unbliss I can only make anti-thoughtful thoughts. Well at least everyone can see the real me...?? Or is that the real me? Not sure...

So I am kinda not so upset now and I feel better now that I am pass x mas. I got so pissed I resorted to posting a hateful post on facebook. I really do hate those fuckers a KRS for being who they are. Which I should just move on and just not give it thought.... But since someone I met selling tapes dorm to dorm starting workling for them our friendship vanished... actually it just turned into a myspace, then facebook friendship. Which I hate facebook. Well I like it, but I hate it like i hated school. Its like I fucking dropped out and moved on. Why did I get excited to be friends with someone that last time I saw tried to punk me??? I mean really??? I was wasted drunk and only 14 or 15 and I was eyes closed, sitting down, about to puke, and all my guy friends kept giving me wedgies. So I told myself just swing at the next wedgie, which I did and I knicked a girl cheerleader on the chin. I also, took a nasty shit in her house right after that, because she knew like everyone there that I was wasted and that I did not go and knowingly punch a girl. I realized while pulling my underwear out of my ass that I knicked not one of my shitty guy friends but a cheerleader... I was super apologetic and was about to shit my pants and she let me stumble into her house to shit. It was nasty, one that I wish I could of stayed on the toilet longer for, but since her moms was coming home or came home or whatever did happen, I was rushed out... But then football jock comes and pushes me for punching a girl. He was real rude about it too. So why would I be friends with him online and fucking facebook? Why does this motherfucker even want to be friends with me??? I thought he thought I was the girl puncher...???
So you see where Im getting at??? ITS PATHETIC!!! And I know it.... So what should I do.... even writing this makes me want to go delete a whole slew of fuckers like I did to all my God Fearing Republican relatives. And why am I typing this??? I think it is therapeutic. So this dude I met in college when I was selling TAPES... which are now WAY FUCKING COOL... oh fuck, maybe it was a cd and that why are relationship is fucked??? Or maybe its because some people hate Dead Heads and are very proud about it. Well mutherfuckers.. I did meet Kurt Cobain and I was dressed like a FUCKING HIPPY.... And he liked me... Maybe he wanted to fuck me... but that means he liked to fuck 14 year old boy dead heads which would explain why he put his penis in Courtney Love. To me this shit is hilarious for a moment, then very very sad...
I wish for me what I wish for you.... Or do I? Am I just like what my design for survival is? So I just really get to a point where I realize that I am not friends with most people on facebook or PDX and I just gotta get over it and move on.
It's hard because I care so much about these people and I wanted to grow old with these people, but they just only wanna grow old on facebook with me, ANOTHER ASSUMPTION, but all in all I gotta be mature and just do my thang.
There loss right? I mean why tun down a friend? Whats with the cool kid contest. Maybe I am over it because God super blessed me with coolness at a young age considering how square my parents were. I hated the cool game, FUCK IT. I'd rather be friends with Denny Burpee and Crazy Coop ANYDAY over someone that would choose not to be your friend or deny your friendship when put in front of someone they deem cooler than you. Fuck that shit to hell in the ass.

So I did take down my super hateful facebook post and just moved on. It's funny because the football dude that pushed me was way supportive in my negativity.

So my real shit I want to talk about is this
Fucking shit dude.... Seriously.
Fuck all ya'll
I gotta go get on dat money.

I want to thank my friends Matt Friedly, Ian Clements, and my brother. Real G's People that do not turn there back on a homie. Not even for money... Maybe for there kids, but not for anything whack. Kids first.
Also, How did Anne Frank get a ballpoint pen?
Is this like asking "wheres Obama's Birth certificate?"
Did genocide not happen recently in Africa? Did we not kill innocent children with drone attakcs. And how pussy is it to kill with a machine?
Did we not drop a Nuke on Japan?
Fuck all ya'll smart fucks.
I just want to dance, and Im gonna show you how!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 03, 2010

King of the Kong gets an A for Mr. Awesome. To me Mr. Awesome is one of the funnest true Americans ever. He already killed Osama on Missle Command.
It's possible Adam's Market downtown is the shittiet buisness in all of Olympia. I believe they hate Americans and America. Something is not right at that store

Friday, November 26, 2010

When ya just want a friend and that friend is positive you are evil and bad, not much you can do eh. Accusing can kill the years, assumung too. :-( oh well :-(

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Please use instead of google. Our search engine is just as good and why make google richer? is the best homepage for the new millenium.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Why is my question? Then move on. What to do? Gotta pawn something because people owe mizoney to a T.
Costume Contest Voting Ends at Midnight EST! That's the news for Phish. That must got some cool photos! I'm gonna go check it out on Phish's facebook. U can too

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Prosperity Grange show part barter tonight. Steamboat island road by golf corse ALL NIGHT.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Youtube Partnership is not fair. Not too honest either. They will only share there enormous profits if you have over 600 subscribers and learn on your own:-(

Monday, October 18, 2010

Z Kamp 2010/09/11 @ Squidstock in Shelton, WA

Proof I can play bass in the band.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

I also ate pizza today at my brothers house. He made Macdawg French Bread cheese pizza with extra sauce he got from round table. Pretty good. And FREE! B 4 bomb
I ate Chuck E Cheeses yesterday. I was starving when I got there and ate over half a large pizza. CEC really skimps on toppings, yet not bad. Diahria all nite.

Friday, October 01, 2010

I ate at Old School Pizza downtown Olympia, WA last night. The cheese cazogne was delicious. Perfectly crisp with the perfect amount of twist crust. I give it A

Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's true that M Box 1 works with Vista 32 bit. But besides that Round Table Pizza still has the 10 dollars special.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I ate at Dave's Pizza inThe Dalles OR. The owner used to own a Shakeys Pizza. Similarities were there and the logo was similar. All in all it was a great. B-

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I went to burger King today and got their new chibata breakfast sandwich. It was so gross. It ruined the first half of my day. It tasted like wet dead cat.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Out of fustration comes either hard work or suicide. I choose hard work. I could never kill myself because I look foward to all the good drugs i get from the doctors when i'm fortunate enough to live to be 99 years old. Maybe 90? Who knows we could all die tomorrow. I get so mad sometimes. I get mad because I go to work and technology fucks me up for hours. I have to be wise. I was so mad I threw the wireless mouse I got from big lots. FUCKING BIG LOTS FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So life has moved on and I use this blog to rant and shit. So I was so mad I knew it was time to write a blog. AN LOW AND BEHOLD!!!!!! I saw a little phone sign next to my new post button. SO wow,,, after the hours of researching on google searches if me my phone could post to blogger, GOD DAMNIT. Fuck google to hell. So I guess I can do it from my phone, just no one I knows does it because everyone around me is still caveman like. Which is cool. Us west coast hippies are diff. At least us fuckers up in the NW for too long. So life is good though. The last few PTZKE shows were hot and people loved them. I'll Pack O that mutherfucker. Go to GLK. I gotta run. Look for more post because out of my fustration I found a new thing which I wouldn't of otherwise. I found out HOW TO blogger from my celly.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Finally 2010 for realz! THis is my blog. it is it. I finally felt guilty enough to write in my blog. i even wrote a quick pizza blog today. Well life has been good. All the work last year did and dint pay off from last year. But in all reality it paid off in an extreme way in the payment of knowledge. Have I been humbled at all reality? Am I still spoiled with Irish luck? Not sure, but I feel good about life. Life feels good about me too I believe. It's crazy what you can go through in life. I still wonder was up with the silliest of things. Like why has zero peopled subscribed to my blog? Why would anyone want to and why would I care? Not sure, but I think about that kinda stuff? I know Pizza AE checks on my blog here and there. So Billy died. i met Billy at Further Fest 2000. THe shirt for that tour with the Wizard was SICk dope. Billy was fun, yet didn't realize he was gay until KB found out when he visited him in LA and he had a boyfriend that he smoked crack with all day. Supposedly Billy molested his boyfriend when he was not of age. The story got weird, but Billy was kinda weird. So how did Billy die? I dunno? All I know is that when Z kamp tour was going on in 2009 summer I got a call form Billy's sister which I never met or talked to before. I do believe Billy showed me a picture back in the day. She said, "who is this and how did you know Billy"? I said I knew him from the Dead show, NO PUN INTENDED. She sia he killed himself. NOw when someone kills themself it usually means they did suicide. But with Billy itt could mean he drove off a cliff on accident, had a drug overdose, hung himself which would be suicide, killed himself form over working himself, died of aids..... just dunno, she was quick a brief. I am still friends with Billy online like on and myspace. I got a few dead homies on myspace now, like Dead Dave. He actually did shoot himself. This is some footage of Russell aka Ryan Friez.... He told Dave to shoot himself. Ryan Friexz said Dave kept bitching about killing himself so he told him he didnt have the balls to do it. Then dude did it and didn't die then Ryan Friez told him he was a complete failure and he couldn't even kill himself. Then dude did it with a shot gun. Too abd, kinda a lame bummer story. But here is some recent footage of Ryan Friez aka Russell. He is the guy that says "I LOVE LSD" He is kinda like my cousin Manny in which he is fun to kick it with but always ends up crackin out. He is a true HIPPY THUG.

So life is coolio. The band Z Kamp is still going good. Got a new drummer named Drew and another Bassist named Bill. I know neithers last name. i know I don't hate them though. They are nice. We will see if they can handle me. So far they seem game. I hate to be a nag but I really just want to make the music they way I wanna make it. They seem to think thats fun, so it's not as rushed anymore for some reason too. It's like I don't care to kiss ass of band mates and am not in a rush to be annoying about advertising and spamming the band. I am gonna make the art and put as much time into it that needs to be, if its a little but its right then it gets released, and if it needs work then work it shall get until it's ready for release. No rush, lets make it and when its made let's release it the best we can with the best live performance renditions of that material that we can reproduce. With music videos in all to go along too. NOt that fucking complicated if ya ask me. I like tours to compliment an album or a team. It's not like we have to tour 24 7. . . But enough to create new life experience friendships, work relationships, to see if you can travel with someone, to meet new people, to go to new place, to put stickers where no sticker has gone before..... Then get back to homebase and do some events. I like facebook for events. Our last 2 big events, HALLOWEEN and COUNTDOWN 2 went very well. Very well atteneded I'd day for Olympia. Man- they was both packed. I got to rock with High Ceiling at the Countdown 2. And Hallloween I gotta play with Billy from the first High Celing album and Trail. It was AWESOME. Life is good. AND THE BESDT PART IS THIS

I HAVE A NEW BABY GIRL NAMED ALAIJAH FAY MCKAUGHAN. She is named after my Grandma that recently passed awasy. Alaijah is so so socute. i love her so so so much. She loves me too, she sleeps so well and gives me so many smiles. I sneak her tastes of oce cream and we are homies. Treypac loves her too. Treypac is getting so big and he is a great kid. we recorded a Micheal Jackson song. It will be released soon. I gotta run. Peace

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 made me upset today. I thought it took 3 days for them to get here from ordering. Damn, hell no. More 2 weeks in shit. god damn. Forever... I would of never placed that order the way I did if I would of known. I would of payed for faster shipping.... Gues you gotta learn the hard way sometimes. Looks like I am using next time to see if they are any quicker. They claim to be. Maybe they eill get here quicker by some act of god. But they sure are taking there time.