Thursday, March 27, 2008

I really dig getting back to my blog. NOw that Slim Moon and Ben Perrish's brother and the UK tabloids have stopped reading them. Hopefully now only true thugz read this shit. Not they they are not true thugz, but I hope that everyone becomes a true thug. i had a lot I wanted to write in my blog. Here is one thing. So I started recording the album Wheruhjuanuhgo last summer I believe. It was before the tour we did. Though on tour I did not bi=ring any mixes to listen to. Oberon was on tour with us. but I still wonder. My hands are kinda sensitive to the keyboard. Kinda tickelish or some shit. I gotta go for the moment. but I am playing with Daevid Allen tomorrow at the China Clipper in Olympia Washington. High Ceiling is playing a show that night too. they are playing the 4th ave. Good thing the governement printed up all that extra money. I also heard High Ceiling is playing with Heliotroupe at the Eagels, that should be a good show too. I hope to do a Grange show this summer or next year with either of those two bands, but hopefully both. I love them, they are so fun and make me wanna dance and shake my azz. Just got the word that we are playing friday night at Springfest in Shelton. 8pm.... so pimp. But before I really go. The alsum was recorded and not finished till now. But now that I sent it I feel like I could of turned the crash cymbals down in the chorus of Around Da Phire Too. But If I sell all theses I can remix it for printing 2. ok Im hearing my computer radiowaves. ... peace

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So here I am back at my blog. I am happy to have grown and matured a little bit in the past few years. Did I ever tell you that sometimes I can not tell if Im in the after life or not. But then I just say hey, here you are, so just keep goin. Put a smile on and fight back by kicking back. Sometimes I get excited and wanna reach out too much. hat is an opinion that I do not see when I react without thinking of the consequences. but thats the great thing about not being perfect, it adds to the story drama. I do not know if I acknowledged on my blog that I was recently in Star Magazine. NOt as recent as lets say the person that got me it it, but it was a remarkable feet at that. I gotta thank Alex Burton for giving me a story I can talk about for a while. That guy was a real hoot. He was like a New Yorker that would say whatever to hook up the story, but then he would be very blunt too. Time is money and I was just a pie in the oven. It was funny, we talked for hours figuring out the story, I would say something 25 times before we decided what to use. I tried to bring up being in a band with Slim moon but Alex from Star nor anyone else bit into that story. It was fun talking with all the magazines and news stations independent reporters. They would call me up and and some would try to get dirt and some would pretend to wanna help me out too, but its part of the buisness obciously. My parents were not in the industry of showbiz..... or were they??? My grandfolks were the ministers of the Lakewood Open Bible church for over 20 years. And my grandpa preached and my grandma played piano. It was quite fun looking back at it. But back to the story. I only got paid twice from the tabloids. 2000 frfom Star Magazine, and another 2000 from the UK Sun. At the moment in time I did not have the videos out from storage yet, and wasn't sure what I still had. I knew I had the Thomas Jackson movies around somewhere. Which I eventually found. So the media quit buggin me for a while and so did the crazy Stalker which claimed to be George Clooney, then claimed to be his agent, and then claimed to be Rosie O Donnel... well the stalker, they even quit contacting me,/... until the Oscars came around. but let me tell ya something, this country has gotta be in a recession, or people do not dig my ultra hippyness in the tabloids, but I got contacted for a while after the Oscars and The Lady with three titties from the movie Total Recall, she contaced me claiming to be with E, which I found out she does do stuff with them, and she rushed me like the others to send stuff, which I only send very little, and random stuff, and then they got back to me and was like %500 bucks for everything. Well, first of all they wasted my time. But back to the three titty lady from Total Recall, shes a journalist now, besides being Im sure a frequent at Treky conventions due to the pay check, oh yeah she was on Star Trek too, well she interviewed me and I said Id only do the interview if she uded my band name everytime they used my name, and then they used it online which no one could find, then on TV did not say the Z Kamp Express. And his dude taht was like the LA version of ALex Burton.... and let me tell you, all the guy tabloid journalist try to play the buddy buddy thing and they hardly get my inside jokes, but the girls are nice and sound kinda horny to be honest, except the brits, they all sound like Nanny 911. but regarldless, this has been on my mind and I wanted to talk about it for a second. So the LA Alex Burton possibly rushed the 3 titty lady to see what I got, but then Patrick Swazey got cancer and they put my story on hold, then three weeks after I sent the stuff to three titty chic LA Alex said my lighting was shitty in my movie and he'd give me 500 bucks for everything, and that three weeks ago it would of been worth more, and people in Europe pay way more for this stuff. He also said he might not use it, but he really liked this one picture I had. So I thought about it and the free publcity, but then I talked it over with Pizza Nan aka Shannon my mamager and Wifey and she helped bring me to reality. I forgot to mention that I kinda chuckeled when the guy told me that it was worth more money three weeks ago when they were the ones that made me send it three weeks ago. They didn't force me, but I really wanted to get the movie Thomas Jackson on TV, I worked so hard on it back in the day, and puffed some serious nugz while filming. i am way pro-nugget.
So first of all I do not understand contracts enough just to be signing shit for 500 bucks, and they said my lighting was bad. The lighting is freakin great dude. I am gonna put that shit up on youtube for the world. I swear to god they will love it.

So back to the real story

I just completed my latest work yet. Its with my band The Z Kamp Express. Its our new album Wheruhjuanuhgo. Oh man check out the album cover.

Monday, March 24, 2008

So I got this video my homie Eric Cornelius made of the Saint of Everyday Failure. He also made a movie starring ME, Pizza T. I had a dream I was Eddie Shredder the other night. I will talk about that shortly.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Here is some of the work I've been doing with Z Kamp Express.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm back, finally. So I sent this dude and a letter a while back and he never wrote me back. It kinda hurt my feelings. Then I re,e,bered all the times I slacked off writing people back when I worked at Le Voyeur. I was just getting too much lovin towards the end of my career at that fine establishement. Good thing too, cuz treypac was born. So maybe hte guy who wrote the article died and I am emailing his still active email address. Or he could of been arrested for some kinda crime or something. But regardless, I still gotta keep working on my next album Wheruhjuanuhgo. The new team is escellent. I really dig Morgan aka Pizza Q's bass playing. He is fun and can really take a solo. Kyle aka Pizza Zzz is a stage showman to the extreme. He really spunks up the team. He has a good ear and talent for playing a traditional jamband keyboard role. I dont hope anymore to create music that people like, now I work hard to make music my peeps like and if they dont, at least I gave it my all. I am in love with making music on computers. i thought I would end up a reel to reel kid, but I am a PC Sonar junkie. I spent easily 7 hours purely editing audio today. i call it Cosmetic Audio. I could call it Sudio Surgery, but Cosmetic audio gets the pint across and soulds way cooler. Lets face it, we are funny cool creatures. Kinda whitty when we need to be too. I really believe in the idea of trying to survive, but even if our species does we still could end up getting destroyed by... well WHO KNOWS, maybe a radioactive wave will come across to us like a rainbow in the dark. So thats why I work hard on the music too. A lot harder than before. I mean I have worked hard all the way up to now, but now Im getting good and am out of school and focus on it. I gotta go,,... I will be back ....more now that Bare Naked Ladies said that your fanz expect you to blog at least once a week.

To the stalker named Shirlia Azziz, please leave me alone. I am in love with Shannon. She is super hot. Her personalty is great too, she booked Z Kamp's tour and just took a business class for art and music at Evergreen to become our band's manager. She is a pimp. So it was fun talking to you on the net, but you never bought our cd and that was rude. Shannon will pimp slap yo azz.