Sunday, July 18, 2004

Uh thats real gangsta shit, uh yeah, Lake fAir BeEr garden show was too cool. MAn it was amazing, I guess it was kinda hot on stage and a little weird playing to strangers, but they almost all seemed to like it. The firefighter band before us was called # am Alarm clock or something, and they wereall firefighters from Lacey, and I liked them a lot, they were very fun, of course they kinda sounded like shit but they kinda sounded great too. The singer had a great low voice, but you could tell they spend more time fighting fires than practicing harmonization, and writing original material. They played like all covers, Like example 1. Closing Time example 2. Love is what I got by Sublime. Maybe they did have an original, they played a song about fire fighters, but it sounded maybe like I might of heard it before. It was younger and older fire fighter rockin out, so the singer was around 27 and the lead guitar player was around 50 with an old school guitar. My girlfriend is harasing me right now, I'll get back with the rest of the story later.