Monday, November 22, 2004

I decided that my blog is awesome. I was John Kerry for Halloween, the only difference is -is that I'm a winner TEDDY KNOWS. I have a funny feeling that a few of my tweaky relatives on my dad's shady side of the Family read this Blog and are now anti Tommy O'. They can suck a hairy goat cock. If they can't feel the magic of Satan that I possess then they can suck auh nut. I got the Violin, thats all I wanted, now I can start disowning foolios like some did to Narcelous. That nigga is da shit. I carried my dead Grandpa, I stayed with Grandma Fay for weeks after Grandpa died. But since I'm a liberal with a comedy Blog, I guess I'm a bad person. But Who gives a fuck? I got the violin, HELL YEAH G'
I'm at Lil T's right now, she cool. Well I still love everyone in my family, even if they are crazy. I'm not even supposed to be alive right now, same with Genius, thats probably why the spirits set us up to be in a band. Well the A-Kamp album and my latest band CG2 album is coming along great. If you wanna peep dat shit early- call my bitch ass.... 360 709 9813

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Theresa Hines can suck uh nut. What the fuck
4 more yearz

I can't wait till we get out of debt because Bush is so wise. I can't wait till we become the #1 nation ever. Soon we can spread Jesus and Democracy to the Moon or Mars. What the fuck. O well
All my relatives voted for Bush because they love hium. They wanna have butt sex with him. Or maybe they like dead babies.
0an't blame um. Bush is awesome 4 more yearz
He will shapen up the economy and illegalize abortion and not get flue shots. O well
I think that now that I'm running for office things will change. Someones gotta get the bullshit out the whitehouse, someones gotta get rid of Jesus, and I would gladely take the chance to tell the shallow ignorant monkies, that just like Zues, Jesus will fuck it all up too,
I guess the inevidable evilness of the US will not be postponened noe that Bush won, Kerry might of only delayed our grrsom end. MAD MAX where you at?